Why the Yeti? The cats jumped on the power button when I was mid-game one day...

Why not more Witcher logos and etc.? In due time. Figured I'd post what I have.

Did Geralt kill the Yeti? Probably. He doesn't like to talk about it, really.

Part Reviews


I7 8700K Probably complete overkill for gaming, but I really wanted this to be the last upgrade I’ll do for the nest 3-5 years. The 7700k was not an upgrade over my 6600k, really, and the 8700k came with that extra cores that I really wanted. Why the 8700k over the 8600k? Price. The bundle was for the 8700k and the Aorus 7, and not for the 8600k.

As for performance, what can I say? Thing runs over anything I run with it.

CPU Cooler

Complaints: The fan cables that extend out of the main cooling cover for the CPU make cable routing a bit tricky. The fan connector is also NOT long enough to stretch to the Phanteks fan controller, so I just routed it out and back in and removed the controller altogether. Shame.

The radiator is surprisingly wide for its size and intended purpose. I added it to the intake portion of the case to ensure if was receiving the coldest air possible and not soaking in the heat generated from the case. I wish I could move it up another inch or so in the case so the cables don't rest on the GPU. However, my case doesn't seem to have the rails go up far enough.

Cooling seems very strong. I'm not a big fan of overclocking and risking the hardware just to pump up a number. Thus, it's more than enough for me. I don't really get above 50 C on Prime95 and the system is very quiet. I replaced the loud Corsair fans with the Phanteks fans that came with my case. Temps seem the same.

As for the RGB, I really like the settings and adjustments. My favorite setting allows the RGB to change with the color of the CPU. This is ultra cool (or hot?).


Aorus Gaming 7 Motherboard It’s an impressively built motherboard with wonderful aesthetics. Performance wise, it’s impressive for me. I’m not a ghz happy overclocker aiming to run 5ghz. However, I wanted the better quality VRM (compared with the 5 and ultra gaming). I'm still playing around with utilities, so feel free to school me on something that you think I must know.


Kingston 16gb 2400 (2x8) It’s ram? I don’t think I’m techy enough to tell you anything really useful. It looks good, in its own understated way.


Old faithful. 3rd or 4th computer, a dozen formats, and beautifully fast. When I switched to the 960, I didn't notice much of a difference.


It's huge on storage and tiny on space. Love it.

Video Card

PNY GTX 1060 (6GB) Quality graphics card for my resolution. I’m running Witcher 3 on ultra/high settings, hours at a time, with little noise and superb stability. Tomb Raider (Rise of...) runs at 60 FPS consistently on highest settings. Considering the price, I can't think of much more that you need unless you're diving into 4k.


Phanteks ATX Evolv Tempered Glass (and ITX TG) A moment on the Evolv ITX TG. It sucks. I can’t believe a company like Phanteks would send out a plasticy, poorly-painted mess that is the Evolv ITX. I received it in the mail (hoping to replace my ATX), was immediately disappointed with the quality of the case, then sent it back.

Thankfully, NewEgg was kind enough to refund the motherboard, case, and CPU and I purchased a ATX motherboard/cpu combo, new cooler, and keyboard. After install, I regret nothing. This thing is a thing of beauty. I can't believe I considered getting rid of it.

I gave it a bit extra love by making sure my cables were immaculately routed and managed. Let me know if there's something I could improve.

Power Supply

G3 Supernova (650W) Power Supply After a few more builds, I’m really starting to appreciate this power supply. Yes, the cables lack all malleability. However, I appreciate the thick braids (once routed) and the matte look of the box itself.

Operating System

Windows 10 Right Now... Oh Windows… When will you fix the 1709 issue? The update is already installed and there’s a clear log of this install in the update log. Why, then, do you continue to insist on ‘update and shutdown’ when your really do nothing?

By no means is this a “jump to Linux” situation, but I would like an actual solution if anyone has one. Yes, I’ve tried the 3-4 obvious, ‘Googleable’ solutions.


I know that 3440x1440 resolution is ‘in’ right now, but unless you have a GTX 1080 or better, I don’t see the point. With graphics card prices where they are, I’m fine with my meager 2560 x 1080 resolution with a 75hz refresh rate. Luckily enough. Having the 75hz work with Nvidia is easy enough and just a Google search away. I highly recommend this monitor.

On a quick note: I’ve seen it on sale for roughly 250$ or so, so keep an eye out.


I love the feel of these keys. They’re a perfect cross between the tactile blue switches that I use at work and the quick-actuating red switches found on those reliable Corsair boards. The RGB is wonderful as well and the software is usable with incredible variation. The ripple effect is one of my favorites, but it’s hard to use consistently as it’s so distractedly gorgeous. Only time will tell of the durability, but dang this thing is impressive.


Steelseries Rival Optical Mouse I picked this up for $20 at a closing Radioshack. It’s a hell of a good mouse. Only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t match my keyboard. Is it worth $100+ to get a wireless Razer mouse?


Works well but the sound lacks depth. After listening to some Audiotechnica M50Xs, they're just underwhelming. However, they do work well. The mic is very clear and the range is superb. I'm able to walk to my kitchen, nearly 30 feet away, without losing signal. Everything about them is great, except for the sound quality (which is still acceptable).


Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 I can’t believe I got these for $100. These things kick harder than my living room surround sound system and sound better than most other systems I’ve experienced. Well worth the money.

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  • 22 months ago
  • 4 points

This build gave me an extra chromosome

  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

Damn shades tho, love the combination between red and blue :o Like you picked the theme from the CPU box lol

  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

I know how you feel about the cats turning the PC off my buttons not on the top but my power strip's button glows so they mess with it and it dosent matter were I put it they find a way to it lol, nice build btw

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

Great build! Do you have problems with dust and temps inside this case? What's your case fans configuration? Thanks

  • 21 months ago
  • 2 points

Not at all! I still haven't cleaned it since I installed everything (a day before the post).

I'm running the stock phanteks fans (3 of them, and I love them. Very quiet.). That's it. 2 in the front (in), 1 in the rear (out) with the top open. The heat will naturally progress upward if the case starts to get overfilled with heat and I have no issues with temps during games like Witcher 3. Then again, I'm running a watercooler to help minimize heat soaking from the CPU and I have a GTX 1060, not a 1080 or 1070 which generate more heat.

Hope that helps.

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

Where'd you get the dead Yeti??!!

  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

Some mall. It's made by something called the "summit collection." I Googled it quickly for you: