I wanted to build myself a personal homeserver for a few specific purposes and services that I want to run 24/7, as well as a NAS/Personal Media Server etc.

Most computers like this do not need something as powerful as the i3 I chose here and 8GB of RAM and an SSD, but I have some specific use cases in mind for this PC that will take advantage of all of that, which is why this is a bit more expensive than your typical cheap personal server build.

Regardless, I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Sorry about the one, uninteresting picture, but you have to have a picture to publish the build, and I forgot to take any while building it.

Part Reviews


Amazing motherboard, especially when you can get it on a decent sale like I did. Dual NICs plus WiFi make this a prime choice for a NAS build, although you will have to be using something like windows server or linux to really take advantage of any sort of teaming between the 2 NICs at once. Honestly there's not anything more I could possibly want from a H97 mini ITX mobo. It's got all the I/O you could want/need, 6 full Intel controlled Sata 3 (6Gb/s) ports, which a lot of full size ATX Z97 boards don't even have, and more. Would highly recommend this board for any NAS build.


Absolutely unbeatable for the price. I wanted a small, cheap Mini ITX case and this is just perfect. Being able to use full size ATX PSUs is a huge plus for the price factor, and the cooling actually seems quite adequate for a case of this caliber. Not a lot of room to cram cables around, but that's a trade off with such a small case. It can fit 2 full 3.5" drives as well as an additional 2 SSDs which is great as well. Very efficient use of the small space, and I am very satisfied with this case. Would recommend, especially for the price if you're looking for a small, basic Mini ITX case.

Power Supply

It works. My one complaint would be that the spacing for the sata power connectors on the sata cables aren't quite far enough apart. If they added maybe another inch inbetween the sata power connectors, it would be nice for drives spaced horizontally apart vs vertically. Other than that, no real complaints. It's one of the cheapest, and still reliable PSUs you can buy, especially on sale, and the semi modularity is definitely nice.

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