I wanted something that can run games and do productivity at the same time.

Part Reviews


A pretty good mid-range Kaby-Lake CPU.

CPU Cooler

Great cooler, keeps temps to at most 60C on my 7600k, paired with the Corsair Link Software and the ability to monitor other temps is great.


Good mid-range motherboard, enough connectors, and room for upgrade.


Good looking, high-quality ram. Nothing else.


Fast though not as fast as a PCI-e based m.2 drive, it fits my needs.


Good-quality and a large amount of storage.

Video Card

A decent GTX 1070 that isn't the best but it is good for what I'm doing. (I like the look of this GPU over the ASUS 1070 Strix)


Great case that has enough cable management space and grommets, it comes with an RGB led strip, it is silent, and it has a tempered glass case. Has optimal airflow, better fan mounts than say the S340, and the radiators don't interfere with long GPUs.

Power Supply

Good quality PSU, but the cables aren't that great.

Case Fan

Great high airflow/ static pressure fans, they aren't as good as I-PPC Noctua fans but they work, though they are sort of loud.


Great high-resolution gaming monitor, only bad thing is the lower refresh rate than other gaming monitors.


Great Cherry MX Brown keyboard with a nice key layout and a nice tactile feel.


Great cheap and good looking mouse.


Great audio and features, the ski goggle headband helps prevent sagging.

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  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Love this build! Components look great together. When you say the CPU is good for "mid-range", are you playing games or using programs that are pushing it? I'd like to upgrade from my i3-7100 to the i5-7600K. Also, are you thinking of getting a monitor with higher than 60Hz rate?

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! You can OC your monitor by opening the Nivdia Control Panel and increaseing the refresh rate. And I do push it while some taxing applications and games.

  • 30 months ago
  • 1 point

nice build! 100% awesome!!

  • 36 months ago
  • 0 points

it would look even better if your ram was trident z rgb but overall 10/10 for performance and 9/10 for looks.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point


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