Pros: The PC had little to no problems to put together, considering this is my first build. The lights on the interior of the PC are quite lovely, since a strong blue light from fans shine down onto the green of the green of the graphics card, and the the radiator selected color of the motherboard and cooling block LEDs. The PC currently has no cooling issues, as the temperature of each core fluctuates from 18 to 22C. The case is very broad and open, with removable pieces, which means cable management is easy as well. The headset is very noise cancelling, and with the surround sound, it's very high quality. The keyboard is comfortable, good looking, and extremely customizable. You can disable the 1080's LEDs if you want something other than the green with the blue.

Cons: The Obsidian 750D case's power button does not work! Many other people have complained about this issue online, and they've had a new front panel ordered for the PC. It's hard to find the software to change the lights on the MSI x99 Pro Carbon motherboard, since you either need their gaming app software, or an android phone for the app.

Notes: I did not use the base fans with the H115i liquid cooler, I used aftermarket fans. Remember to put your graphics card in the base slot on the motherboard. This was a problem that I had considering that I did not know where to put the Graphics Card on it.

Update 1: This was my first build, I didn't know very much about PCs, but now I know quite a lot, and looking back I have little regret purchasing the products listed. The PC still works great to this day (as of 9/20/18). If I were to purchase it again, I would buy an aftermarket card with some nice LEDs and overclocking, grab a cheaper CPU because it's a bit overkill, and pay $20 for a Windows key and a USB instead of a 100$ disc.

Update 2: After 3 years of procrastination and lunacy, i've finally fixed the awful cable management from the original build. The case is absolutely so much cleaner and higher quality on the interior than before, and that horrid sticker on the front has since then been removed. (You can probably see that from the new images i've added.) Some regrets I have though is not purchasing a GPU with a better shroud and dual fans. The 1080 is still hot, and it gets hotter and hotter as each year goes by, even after significant dust cleansing. The 6900k is starting to rise in temperature too, and when rendering little projects i've been editing here and there, it reaches a whopping 90 degrees celsius under 80 - 100% load. Hopefully popping on a couple more fans on the radiator, as well as replacing the thermal paste helps with that. I'm debating whether to buy a Kraken G10 as well as an M22 from NZXT in order to watercool the GPU and stop those high temps, although that would tack on another 120 bucks into the money pit of this creation. In other news, the Man O' War that I bought to replace the Kraken 7.1 Chroma broke not even half a year after purchase, and needless to say, the 2 year Razer headphone warranty came in handy. They gave me a brand new Nari Wireless as replacement, and it's a much higher build quality than either Razer headset i've owned. No cheap brittle plastic, all hard durable stuff and even metal parts built in. The HTC Vive's buckle clip, once again, a brittle piece of plastic, has broken. The headstrap now no longer is able to attach to the headset, meaning I can't play. I'm getting a friend to print me a new one of course, because my other two options are to either pay $200 bucks to HTC through their garbage warranty plan in order to fix that one plastic piece, or buy another printed one on ebay for a whopping $50. For a 20mm wide piece of plastic.

Part Reviews


It's a great CPU, don't get me wrong, but I can't believe I bought this for $1000 back in 2016. Compared to Ryzen and the newer gen 8-core CPUs from Intel, this was pretty much over twice as expensive for the exact same performance.


Lightning fast, PC boots in under 12 seconds, file transfer is no longer a wasteful chore, and Windows 10 Pro runs great on it.

Video Card

A great card, top of the line in 2016, but the single blower fan and weak curve profile causes temperature peaks of over 70C, i'd highly recommend purchasing something like the Arctic Accelero Extreme IV if you buy this. The new cooler stops the card from even going past 42C under full load.

Power Supply

Needless to say, i'll probably never have to upgrade my PSU any time soon. The fully modular cables are pretty nice too, easy to manage, and they look great with their black sleeving.

Optical Drive

It's 20 bucks, why not?


The lights are pretty, the sound quality is great, but the overall strength of the material is very weak and the headset is susceptible to breaking, just like what happened to mine in 2017. On the other hand, Razer's 2 year headphone warranty pretty much ensures you get a new pair once they break. I've gone through this Kraken and a Man O' War, and finally they gave me a Nari Wireless which holds up to the build quality standards i've always wanted.


Probably the best wheel Logitech has ever made, simply because of the 900 degrees of rotation, around 20 programmable macro buttons, and a shifter and pedals included. When it was still sold by Logitech, this wheel only cost around 200 bucks, a great price for all of the included features. I'm pretty disappointed though that it's no longer on sale, and your only option to get a shifter from them is to buy it separately from their new lineup of wheels.

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  • 40 months ago
  • 2 points

If I'm not mistaken, I believe you should have 1 ram stick on each side of your cpu. Double check your manual. Only other thing I'd recommend is to take some time and organizer your cables.

Welcome to the brotherhood! +1

  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for the info! I don't really know what makes the difference if I put them on different sides though. Either way, my PC still recognizes that I have 32 gigs of ram.

  • 39 months ago
  • 1 point

I could be wrong, I haven't dealt with lga2011 boards so I'm not entirely sure. If it ain't broken...

  • 39 months ago
  • 1 point

X99 has quad channel Ram. It is kind of silly to only use two sticks of ram, you are cutting the memory bandwidth by half of its potential.

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

I'll eventually get 2 more sticks of ram, although i've already spent $3000+. Maybe later.

  • 16 months ago
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Update: I got rid of the giant sticker on the front, and it looks much better. Thermals are getting a bit hotter, but that's just because of the dust I need to clean out, and the thermal paste I need to replace. The GPU also has some heat issues when playing full-settings VR, because it reaches temps of over 70C without increasing the fan to a high enough RPM to cool itself, so I have to use MSI Afterburner to fix that problem. And the Kraken 7.1 Chroma has sadly died, after a kinked cord, but a new Man O' War is soon to arrive this Christmas to replace it. Other than that it's working fine, and it's working well.

Update coming soon with:

New products i've purchased Better cable management Reviews for each specific part How this build holds up in 2018, 2 years later.

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