I've been a console and mac person for my whole life, and recently I had been wanting to play some games with my friends. The only problem was that, majority of my friends were gaming on their PC. I gave myself a month to build a budget PC where I could run games over 60+ FPS, and here we are with my AMD Ryzen build.

Part Reviews


It's great! I snagged this on Amazon Prime Day for $120 and it's nice. I wanted a CPU that could handle gaming and other tasks.


Good microatx board. Nice looking motherboard with the RGB lights. Plenty of fan headers. Only reason why I knocked it down a star is because of the RGB software of ASRock. The RGB software rarely loads, and if it does it takes quite a long time. I resort to using the controller that came with the fans to control RGB.


Good, nice looking ram. Good performance, no issues with it so far.


Super fast SSD. Fast boot up time for windows and my games. Highly recommend.

Video Card

Picking the right graphics card was one of the more difficult choices for me. I had to factor in price and the performance I was getting. With this card, I bought it with the sale on newegg, and it's performance is great. I can run over 60 on most my games, and it runs cool. The backplate looks clean as well.


I love the design on the Q300L, and it was microatx. The case comes with one fan, so I suggest buying more fans for better air cooling. The specs say that the max PSU size is 160mm, and my PSU was 165mm and it still fit perfectly. I had a lot of room to work with even though it was a microatx case.

Power Supply

Somehow I found this on newegg at 79.99, and it was too good of a price to pass on. Semi modular so it helps with cable management. The size is 165mm, but still fit in my case nicely.

Case Fan

Good fans, beautiful RGB. The kit comes with a RGB controller, fan splitters, and comes with a RGB connector for your motherboard if you choose to control the colors on the motherboard.


$90 on Amazon, this is a steal. 75hz and freesync for this price, it's a good budget monitor.

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  • 7 months ago
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How much is you moniter and Power supply. What was the total u spent on this Pc Build. Looks good.

  • 1 month ago
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Thanks dustyreeboks, I might use your build as inspiration for mine :)