I just recently got back into gaming and had been using my work Macbook pro (2016 version that's supposed to be "powerful") and didn't like the performance. My biffie also just recently done a build so he inspired me to do one. (thanks a lot, jerk)

I am a software developer, but have no ambitions to be using this for development, though, this would have full potential.

The theme that I was trying for was dark, but then when fired up it is filled with a beautiful world of colors! Or, just anything but a dark, dingy computer covered in dust and moss in the corner. And probably some other things we don't speak of! (Like coffee cups that haven't return to the sink, my wife is still pestering me about that.)

I will be posting more updates; I have currently just completed building and haven't had a chance to play the computer yet! Kids take up time, maaaan.

A few things to note:

  1. GPU'S ARE ABSOLUTE !@#$ TO BUY RIGHT NOW. (thanks, "miners") I will be upgrading to something such as a 1070/1080 ti + eventually... whenever cryptos decide to die a painful death.

  2. I was originally putting in a h60 cooler, but as you will see in some of the photos, it looked horrible. I swapped this with a H100i v2 and it looks and performs waaaay better! I also learnt there are no returns on liquid coolers, derp, so that was an added expense.

  3. I was going to overclock my cables to give me some more throughput overall in the visuals, but there's no budget for the update currently so she'll have to wait.

  4. MOAR RAM! Eventually, same sticks; more RGB.

  5. I need another RGB LED strip for the bottom, too much light on the top of it now... it feels like it's going to float away to the heavens on me.

  6. I probably need an exhaust fan. I currently have 2 in from the RAD and 2 in the front pulling air. I didn't want to add one to the rear because of the fan blocking the beautiful motherboard. I'm going to need to find an alternative...

Feel free to comment anything you think could add to this build! Would it even be beneficial to add more ram? Is there enough colors? What upgraded GPU should I consider in the future? Also, did I pick parts that should have no issues with in the future like the motherboard being able to have a new gpu/ram etc without being outdated.

I HAVEN'T DONE THIS IN FOREVER! I hope I did something right?

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

At first I was a skeptic at the "rope" around the cooling lines, but it looks really good when pieced together. The lines are QUITE long as well, definitely something better suited for a front mounted intake vs top like myself, but it looks better this way! Lots of cables and stuff to work with, but the only one I truly hated was for the USB.


I had originally wanted to go with an NZXT S340 Elite but, unfortunately, they were on back order. I was walking through and found this (with only one left in stock) and another person was looking at it.. Sorry, I had to get something! This case was easy to work with and comes standard with RGB which I liked. The glass panel front that is shadowed looks great when the computer is off, and adds a nice touch with the RGB lighting when it's on. One thing I didn't like was the "grate/mesh" that seperates the front of the case to the main components. It was also a little tight to work with the wiring.

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  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

You could've gotten a 1060 3gb for the same price.

  • 28 months ago
  • 1 point

I looked, everywhere had nothing in stock or stuff that wasn’t overpriced.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Could've went for RX 570 8GB, cheapest back then was $230, then a Freesync monitor for same price!! Other than that nice build!!