This is my very first build after years of wishing I had a good computer for college and gaming purposes. With the help of a very good friend, I started to build this (in my opinion) Ground shaking machine. So far with benchmarkings and stress testing, everything seems to be right where it is. I am very open to the communities comments or questions so that I can not only improve my own build, but also become more educated. In the future I will add more details and pictures. So far I am unbelievably happy and excited for this machine. The three 140mm fans are not all currently in use. I have only 1 of those 3 in the system, the other 2 were purchased as back ups. Currently trying to determine the best airflow. Huge shout out to Zroz for his help!

Part Reviews


Has everything you could possibly need and build to last


I couldnt believe the difference once I added this SSD. My entire system seems to run at such a higher standard now. I couldnt be happier.

Video Card

Simply God-like. One of the top tier and with my 3 year warranty, I am very happy with EVGA!


It is extremely, extremely large, but very very nice to have all of the additional space. the back panel, where you can hide your cable management is a little thin though, but other than that, it is amazing!

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