I've been parting this machine together for the past few months and with the upgrade from my old 1060 3GB to this 1080ti, it's finally done. I have the machine that I know is practically guaranteed to push my ultrawide display at its full potential for gaming. I might want to use this machine in the future for productivity, but at the moment it is exclusively a gaming and streaming powerhouse. I went for a black-on-black theme with a couple silver and white accents. The parts I chose allow me to make this both a silence and performance focused build. Very satisfied with my final product and I would encourage anyone to go out and try any of the items in this build as I have very little to complain about for any of them.

Part Reviews


Though I bought it right before the 8700k came out, it still remains a streaming beast and the most powerful hyperthreaded quad core out there. Since it's an overclocking champ, I plan on delidding and pushing it past 5 ghz while keeping the fan profile pretty quiet in my system.

CPU Cooler

Both quiet and great at cooling, and with brushed black metal finish and silver writing, it fits in perfectly with my theme.


Fits the black theme perfectly once those ugly red lights are turned off in the BIOS and the red heatsinks are covered up by my graphics card and cooler. Z270 for overclockability, obviously.


Looks amazing, works amazing, and even overclocks decently. Would highly recommend if you can get a good price like I did ($120).


I didn't want to blow my budget completely out of proportion, so this is a great option for my system drive. I plan on getting a big game drive once I fill this thing up, but for now it has been great for speed on everything that I play and use.

Video Card

I snagged this thing for a steal of $550 on Ebay and it was only used for a month and never overclocked or mined on. It fits my theme perfectly because it allows the fans to stay at 0 rpm at idle yet remains a beast at load. The beautiful, sparkly black, skeletonized shroud and backplate look awesome next to all the other parts.


Essential to the theme. Allows for great airflow for my choice of an all air-cooled system and looks cool while doing it. Compact for when I need to move it around, great price, great build quality, and the tinted tempered glass makes it so the lights on my ram and graphics card stand out and the rest is seen only with a closer look.

Power Supply

Another Ebay steal for $40. Perfect amount of watts and the 80+ Gold rating lets me sleep knowing my expensive system will stay quiet and alive for quite a long time.

Operating System

It was this or Home, as I am not an Apple kinda guy nor do I want to deal with the drawbacks of Win 7. I got this online for something ridiculous like $15.

Case Fan

What can I say? They look awesome, live up to the company name, and have excellent durability and build quality.

Case Fan

What can I say? They look awesome, live up to the company name, and have excellent durability and build quality.


If you're careful, you can get this guy for $400. Just 400 dollars for a monitor with every premium feature I could ask for except G-SYNC: 3440x1440 Resolution, Ultrawide aspect ratio, 100Hz refresh rate! I got this for less than half the price of an equally-spec'd ROG monitor. Mind you, that one has much better build quality, better reliability (I found only one dead pixel on this display and I can live with that, but I'd bet you find none on the ROG display), and G-SYNC. Nonetheless, this one does all I need at a great price.


Obligatory mechanical keyboard. Romer G switches are quite controversial but I quite like them and the quality and size of this keyboard were exactly what I needed.


Wireless is finally up-to-par with wired with the few companies that have the technology. Great build quality that I have come to expect from high-end, Logitech G-branded gear. I can now never again use a wired mouse and be confined by a wire getting stuck on parts of my desk or monitor.


It says K702 because the K7XX are not in PCPP catalogue. The Massdrop-AKG collab headphones are amazing in sound and price, and once again fit my theme while delivering an incredible experience with the accompanying Schiit Magni 3 and Modi 2.

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  • 22 months ago
  • 2 points

Solid! I love the clean black overall theme. How dark would you say the glass tint is? I'm looking at the meshify c mini for an itx build. General black/white theme, but more white inside than yours. Do you think a paid of led strips would brighten the tint up enough to see everything

  • 22 months ago
  • 1 point

The glass is pretty dark and much darker than anything else I've seen. I have memory of the S340 Elite and the Phanteks P400S TG and both are very easy to see through and only lightly tinted. In comparison, this is much darker and it is hard to see anything without lights on it unless you look pretty closely (this is in my fairly dim room). However, I think a pair of led strips would certainly brighten it up enough for you to see everything much easier while keeping the nice aesthetic of the tint.

  • 18 months ago
  • 2 points

Did you have any ram clearance issues?

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

If you look at the close-up picture of the interior, you can see the cooler covers the closest ram slot and it almost touches the closest ram stick. These are some fairly tall sticks, but no issues with clearance. If you wanted to use 4 DIMMs, you might have a little trouble on a mobo that has the ram slots so close to the socket. You'd have to lift the fan on the cooler or move it to the other side. This is a fairly small mobo width-wise, and I know most others are a little wider so your mileage may vary.