I built this pc for my 13th birthday. I saved up for about 6 months to build it. Everything has been very functionally and worked well. I decided to overclock my cpu and gpu and I have good temps and high framerates! I switched over from console (Xbox One X) and the gaming experience has been much better. I do have some problems with the monitor and only run it at 120hz because the HDMI cable included only supports up to 120hz. For this reason im going to buy a display port cable on amazon. I selected the parts by using discord (Kristopher Yee's server). I only use this pc for light gaming as of know but in the future I would like to do some CAD and HTML. Before this wonderful glorious machine, I browsed the internet and pcpartpicker on my old dell laptop that had 2 cores and was barley able to browse the internet. CS GO wouldn't even run on it... ya it was slow. Its so nice and feels so weird to actually be able to browse the internet. The one thing I wish I did for this build was get a better power supply. I was so glad when I actually had time to sit-down and build this pc. The mecha membrane switches on the keyboard are actually very good. the case is good to build in except the fact that: A it didn't come with the PSU shroud which was what I ordered and B its almost impossible to install bottom fan because the unremovable hard drive bay is in the way of screwing the fan in. Everything else worked like a charm! I also bought 3 uphere red fans off of amazon for 15$ because my case didn't come with any fans included.

Part Reviews


Great processor for the money, good overclocking features and good stock cooler.


Great Motherboard, nice overclocking, the LEDs are okay.


Good ram for the price, have to overclock it to 3200 though.


Seems fast and is great for the price.

Video Card

Great overclocking features but the fans only turn on under load but idle temps are only about 40 C.


Great case however, the hard drive bay blocks you from screwing in the bottom fan, but the great airflow makes up for it. Cable management is a bit odd, but it still does its job.

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  • 10 months ago
  • 2 points

I wouldn't call it a "console killer", as it is way more than a normal console costs, although it is a fantastic build for a 13 year old. (im 13 myself) :) +1

  • 7 months ago
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a "console killing" pc is at most 500 dollars lol. But its a great build nonetheless.