I Built Riddick around May 2013 and as I had more recently been reading about M.2's and the speed's which could be obtained from using them, I fancied some of that as I was thinking of purchasing a Sony PS4 for gaming but decided to upgrade my PC and use that instead for simulation games.

I was going to purchase the Asus Z97 Pro WiFi motherboard so brought the Samsung 2280mm M.2 then decided to go for a gaming board instead so the M.2 was going to be too long for the Maximus VII slot but the use of a PCIe card was the get out clause as I had already purchased the M.2

(I was lucky I wanted to use the x 4 bandwidth this adapter card as this purchase may have been a waste of money as the Maximus VII's M.2 slot is only 2260mm long).

I also watched a tutorial about the heat the Samsung M.2's can dissipated when writing large files which is no good when this is meant to be sitting on your expensive motherboard so I purchased and imported a PCIe/M.2 adapter card with a heat-sink from Australia which could then be cooled by the new Industrial Noctua fans..

I installed the M.2 card and booted up and after playing with a few things in the Bios, got it to boot on the M.2 but as it was a Friday night and was very tired, couldn't get an Ethernet connection and installed windows again which then gave me 2 versions of windows which was NOT very cost effective. I then realised, I had not installed the Ethernet drivers which i then did. I had a little tinker with it for a few days then updated the Bios and wiped Windows ready for a fresh install on the M.2 which is when the problems started.

It took 4 weeks to work out with the help of my pal Luke that I had installed Windows using a flash drive and NOT the DVD which I had thought I had used originally on the Friday night. (If your having this problem, checkout a tutorial from RamCity Memory on YouTube which shows you how to install Windows 8.1 on an M.2 "on your PCIe slot") .

When I built Riddick, I used Nocuta Fans which are the best fans for the job but it didn't look the best, so when I read Noctua had released these industrial (black) 3000 rpm fans, I purchased 2 x 12" for the Corsair H100i and 1 x 14" for the case exhaust. These fans blends so much more with the Motherboard and other items in the build and cools the system in seconds and they roar when booting up. I will probably get 2 Noctua Industrial 2000 rpm for case intake fans over the next month to keep in line with the aesthetics.

I'm now looking at upgrading the case, possibly to Fractal Design R5 and install a serious water cooling system for the CPU and Motherboard. This PC will eventually be used for F1 simulation games and I will be making full use of my G1 GPU with the purchase of 3 Asus PB287Q 28 inch Widescreen Ultra HD 4K LED Monitors (or something on par) in the near future.

            Hi Guys, these are the stress test results: CrystalDiskMark 3.0.2 x64 (C) 2007-2013 hiyohiyo

CPU: Overclocked to: 4.8ghz no overclock on GPU yet.

Temp: Idle 35.c Load 80.4c (During Cinebench)

Sequential Read : 1033.929 MB/s Sequential Write : 923.449 MB/s Random Read 512KB : 687.620 MB/s Random Write 512KB : 845.288 MB/s Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 37.418 MB/s [ 9135.2 IOPS] Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 92.327 MB/s [ 22540.8 IOPS] Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 418.174 MB/s [102093.3 IOPS] Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 197.344 MB/s [ 48179.7 IOPS] Test : 1000 MB [C: 26.2% (124.7/476.0 GB)] (x5) Date : 2015/05/26 11:26:14 OS : Windows 8 Professional [6.2 Build 9200] (x64)

Cinebench R15 OpenGL: 132.22 FPS CPU: 876 cb CPU (Single Core):172cb

                   If you would like me to do another test, please let me know which one

Part Reviews


Hasn't been throttled and stays very cool

CPU Cooler

really good cooler and has been at the top of its game for a while now.

Video Card

High quality, high output GPU


Would recommend this case to anyone who wants a quiet. good looking case.

Case Fan

Excellent fans, very quiet but colour doesn't help with aesthetics.

Case Fan

Very powerful fans , really recommend this fan for cooling and aesthetics

Case Fan

Very powerful fans , really recommend this fan for cooling and aesthetics

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  • 57 months ago
  • 2 points

Looks like a great pc that will last you for a while

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice rig man I am currently trying to finish my Ryzen 7 2700x gaming rig . All I need is another SSD and a AIO rad and I'll be done . It boots in less than 5 secs . fastest PC I have ever built .