I use this PC for video editing/rendering, gaming, and some productivity. I have been using this PC for over 2 weeks and so far, so good. There really are no complaints when it comes to performance wise, runs like it would, and it stays pretty cool. When doing productivity work, research for school, or even editing the video, I have calculated the average temperature of the CPU to be roughly 33 degrees celsius. When gaming, the temperature does increase to about 50 degrees celsius, I have never seen the temperature go above 53 degrees celsius, though. The fans that come with the case are surprisingly quite, I would have the fans run at max speed (2200 RPM) and I could barely hear them with headphones on. I think I did a pretty nice job with this PC, but you guys might be wondering why I used a GPU from 2010. I have a great reason for this. So my brother's old PC broke in 2013, PSU got filled with dust and he really never took care of the dust buildup in his PC at all actually, I did salvage his GPU though. When I cleaned out the GPU, there was so much dust that came out, it was crazy! Thankfully it did work so I put it in my first build, I will be getting a ASUS 1070 very soon though. All in all, it works great and no complaints.

Part Reviews


The CPU honestly is great, it almost never maxes CPU utilization and stays cool a lot of the time. I do think that it is a great price for the performance.

CPU Cooler

This cooler is very effective. The only thing is, is that you might wanna leave the CPU fan coolers on smart mode, where raises the RPM when the temp rises. I maxed out the fan RPM, and boy are they loud. I mean what can say, when its at max speeds, it will probably be loud.


I really like this MoBo. It looks sharp, great performance, great BOIS, but it is a bit pricey right now at $123. The only reason why I did buy this MoBo in the first place was with the fact that the price was reduced down to about $80. Overall great choice of MoBo


Once again, I think the price is great for the performance, but I only got this sticks of ram because I found them for $75 because of a sale.


Great storage for the price. It boots up windows pretty fast for me, and was super easy to install

Video Card

The fact that it can run my games at high settings above 60 fps surprises me so much. Keep in mind that I was gaming on a regular laptop before this build.


An amazing case. I love the fact that it has a SD card reader, the amount of USB (both 2.0 and 3.0), and the fact that it has a fan control too. Plenty of clearance for GPU and it was just a breeze building in this case. Even better, I found this case when it was only $50!!! I bought it as soon as I saw it.

Optical Drive

Works just as it should so I'm happy.

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DIY-PC has always made gorgeous cases like this one...

  • 43 months ago
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It should be named "Snow White"