So this build started around the end of 2017 when the first PC I built started having issues. With not much happening that interested me, I waited until 2019 to really start making this build happen. With the amount of competition in the CPU world, the choice for a high end gaming PC that was good on the wallet and good on performance was pretty much a no brainer. I really wanted to make a gaming PC that could handle any game release from the next 5 years - thus this PC was born.

I'm not really good with descriptions for things, but I wanted to give this a go as I was really excited for this build and I'm glad it's finished and working like a dream.

Part Reviews


Great CPU, while being a little hot, it runs without issue.

Thermal Compound

Excellent stuff. Will use again in next build.


Had trouble with this motherboard while installing it into the case. The IO shield inside was kind of hard to press down, and even after installation, wouldn't line up with case standoffs. Overall a neat little board, runs a little hot though. Decent for the price, could use a few more features but hey, not bad for a B450 board.


Does its job, blends into the build so I hardly notice it's there. I actually like that it's not RGB ram, as I feel like it would have been a bit over powering aesthetically.


For the price, this thing is worth it. Fast load times on everything - boot, games etc.

Video Card

WHAT A BEAST CARD! This behemoth of a card runs every game I own at max settings @ 60fps or higher. Some stutter happens between loading screens (noticed fps drops in XCOM 2, but that doesn't bother me)


Was a little hard to build in, but I'm not surprised. Sleek, stylish and good cooling.

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  • 2 months ago
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I would've gone for an x470 mb for better OC performance. It's a little bit more expensive but great for the price.

  • 1 month ago
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From what I know, there are hardly any to almost no mATX x470 motherboards on the market.