First PC build in 10 years, man things have changed. Booted up smooth first time, and updating bios was was easy with USB stick. This machine shares a 27" Dell Ultrasharp alongside my work Mac Mini, and will be used mostly for games and VR.

UPDATE 3/28: I replaced the Razer Keyboard and Mouse with Logitech G offerings. I prefer both hardware and software better on the Logitech side. I've also added an M.2 SSD; after a quick bios box tick and a 5 minute drive clone, I am using the 256gb M.2 for my main system boot, and the 500 gig SSD for apps. I'm pretty pleased with with this setup!

Update 4/18: Added a Predator x34 Curved Monitor :D

Part Reviews


What a great processor, for a great price! Seemed stable at 4600 Mhz, but backed it down to 4400 mhz since I'm air cooling and dint want to push it too hard (or hear my fans any more than I had too).

CPU Cooler

The cooler itself is great, however the fan that comes with it kind of sucks. I could hear it when idle, but luckily I had an extra noctuna case fan, which was easy to swap out. If I had to do it all over again, I'd just order a noctuna cooler, but my local part store had these a good price so ... Anyhow, decent value, but if you're picky, the fan might have to go.


I wanted something rock solid and with the latest tech, but I didn't want to overpay for extra features. This board fit the bill. Easy to work with, and everything fired right up first time. Initially it wanted to hang on restart, but I updated the bios via USB and everything worked perfect from that point on. Avoid the asus bundle of crap software- it's easy to control fans and overclock in the bios. The only potential negative was a limited amount of available USB ports compared to some other boards. It's cheap/easy to add additional ones via brackets that attach to the motherboard, as seen in my photos.


Cheap, fast, stable. I am not doing anything crazy with it overclocking wise, but it's been smooth sailing.


It takes longer for my BIOS to post than for Windows to load. Awesome!


I havent busted out a stopwatch, but it seems to take about six seconds to boot windows and get me to the desktop. Awesome. EDIT Just augmented it with an M.2 System drive. This is now my secondary game storage drive, and it does that task very well!

Video Card

Plays the latest games with ultra settings at native res on my 3440x1440 display ;)


Blown away by the quality and thoughtfulness of the design for this low price. NZXT is a solid company. Managing wiring is a breeze thanks to the big gap/plate setup, and the solid steel holds the magnetic Hue+ lights well. It's almost like they did that on purpose ;)

Power Supply

Initially I had a Corsair, but it made weird noises. SOmetimes it would whine, othertimes I would hear the fan.... I wanted a high qulaity powersupply that could handle a second 980ti without sounding like a helicopter. Returned the Corsair for this evga and couldnt be happier.

Operating System

Paying full retail for this thing kinda stung, but it was hassle free to get up and going.

Wireless Network Adapter

Fast enough to max out my 100Mbps cable connection. No bluetooth like some other, lesser priced cards, so will ding it a little for that.

Case Fan

I have three of these Austrian brown beauties quietly humming away. Rock solid. The included accessories (and overdone packaging) are also nice touches.


Absolutely glorious. Seriously good toy.
The first one I bought had a single dead pixel, which was unacceptable for the price. Second time was the charm! Gaming w/ gsync at 3440x1440 and 100hz is delightful!


About as classy looking as one can get for a rainbow LED gaming keyboard :D I love the simple styling and lack of extra buttons, and dig the volume roller and media control keys.

Typing is nice, and it's super awesome with supported game. Things like flashing med kit key when low on health in The Division, the keyboard goes bright orange when you are in the middle of an exploding napalm factory, etc... super cool.


WHile things like on the fly dpi switching is a bit overkill for me, I love the scroll wheel "clutch", and appreciate the overall ergonomics, even if the styling is a bit cyber dorkish. Wish they would follow up with a mouse equivalent of the G810 (something a bit more understated and grownup)


I tried both the Cloud and the Cloud 2, and found the cloud 2 to be more comfortable and to have better noise cancellation in the mic. (the 1 had static when i monitored it, the 2 did not).

Super comfy, and decent quality, especially for the price.

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  • 49 months ago
  • 2 points

awesome build, suprised this hasn't got more attention, especially with that monitor.. I like the set up alot

  • 49 months ago
  • 3 points

Thank you! I really appreciate you noticing :) I put a lot of time/care into it, and tried to hit a sweet spot for price/performance/aesthetics. I loved putting it together so much, I I built another for my wife. That guide is coming as soon as I get her paint job finished ;)

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

No problem! as long as you like it and are proud of it, doesn't matter about the upvotes. It's too bad though, great build. I just finished mine and I got some inspiration from you!

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey there i have a question for u does i5 chip bend under cooler master i've reading many bad reviews about this plz answer,THANKS.

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

The coolermaster has been fine so far!

  • 48 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi! I love your build by the way, but I have a question. I see that many people opted for the i7-6700k over the i5-6600k for 1440p. Are there any benefits in gaming and would the i7-6600k be more worth for future proofing? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks +1

  • 47 months ago
  • 1 point

i was able to overclock the 6600k to 4.5 ghz with a $30 air cooler :)

  • 47 months ago
  • 1 point

I freaking love this build!

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey Robrob, I'm about to put together a computer very similar to your build. I noticed you decided to swap out the stock fans on the NZXT case and COOLERMASTER cooler with the Noctua. Do you recommend doing so? Did you see a considerable improvement?

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

they are far nicer fans that make far less noise!

  • 38 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for your info and advice, looks good to me.

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Tidy setup. Nice choice of parts well executed.

For me, I would have gone with a NH-U12S on this build, along with a black case.