Here's my latest overclocked build for music production WS and occasional gaming in a tiny little M1 case :) Main task was to make a future proof beast machine that can run DAW with bunch of VSTs in a compact case that won't take a lot of space & even can be carried in a backpack.

There is no HDDs, only SSDs for best performance of sample & Kontakt libraries.

9900K was overclocked to 5.0Ghz without any issue using Intel XTU, during stress test showing max temp spikes up to 72C. During work or gaming it doesn't go higher than 55, which makes me really happy lol. I've also tried AI Overclock by ASUS that "estimated" my system capability to go as high as 5.2Ghz, but after applying these settings my OS started crashing during boot. So i've sticked to Intel XTU and 5.0Ghz profile.

RTX 2070 Founders Edition was chosen for it's size and reasonable performance (~12% more than my previous GTX 1080 FE, which was more than enough for me). Thanks for it's compact size and 8pin power connector positioning, there is plenty enough room for cable management in the case. Still, it's getting noticeably loud when it comes to heavy load under games such as Destiny 2 (ultra settings, 144hz, 2K), and after installation of 2 120mm Noctua coolers below to deliver more air into the GPU didn't show much improvement in terms of lowering the temp. Anyway, GPU temperature doesn't spike higher then 66C, which is lower then 70C+ of my previous 1080 FE in the midtower case :) Maybe 2070 FE design is not the best for case of this type, but i've got it new for -100$ price, i've just couldn't resist.

Have to say, that Asus Z390i is really great and fully packed mobo, worth every penny. I was really skeptical at first after reading reviews at the newegg and amazon, but at least mine works like clock, no compatibility issues with CPU (even with old BIOS) or any other component. + it looks sick! The only weird thing is placement of usb 2.0 and front panel pins which makes these cables exposed (but, you won't see them anyway behind H100 Radiator).

3rd slot under GPU I've used to accommodate USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port, that was plugged into mobo's front panel extension.

The build itself became "RGB heavy", it looks awesome but wasn't planned like that at the very beginning of the project, it became more of the necessity - Corsair Platinum series with bigger copper block is RGB only, and ordered from Amazon the C13 HyperX Predator memory was lost during delivery, so the only option for me was same day delivery of the RGB Pro memory kit.

That's pretty much it, future plans are to paint the silver panels in white and maybe make a custom stand for it, but we'll see ;)

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  • 12 months ago
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That is ridiculous. xD lol +1

  • 12 months ago
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Tnx man!

  • 9 months ago
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Hi !

INTAKE or EXHAUST for Corsair radiator ?

Thanks !

  • 4 months ago
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Hey. You're the only other person with an ncase m1 + 9900k haha.

My temps get over 90C when I run AIDA64!!!!!

But I rarely run anything at max load so it doesn't bother me.

It's been pretty rock solid. It'd be great to cable manage better and get better cooler but what can you do.

I didn't add fans to the side of my GPU either.