This case is not for everyone but for me the size was needed for me to be able to comfortably fit it in my dorm room. This being my first time building a computer it was slightly difficult due to the small from factor. There were no problems with fitting the 1070 in the case the only thing that I would change if i were to do it again would be to get a modular power supply. Not having a modular power supply in this small form factor really inhibits the airflow in the case. This computer runs very well so far most games have been able to run on around max settings with over 60 fps. I will add benchmarks of some games when i get a chance My plans for upgrades will be to replace the stock cpu cooler with something quieter and then get a second stick of ram. Those two are top on the list after that the power supply would be next. Once the price of 1440p monitors go down i would look to pick one of them up.

Part Reviews


This cpu does its job. It allows multitasking and runs at very decent temps while under load with the stock cpu cooler( which can be very loud). This chip is not overclockable which is fine for me since I had no plans for this


This mother board is not in the highest price range but does its job well. The closest thing to a problem this motherboard has given me was the struggling i had to do to connect the built in wireless card to the receivers. Other than that it was easy to get the drivers and has not had any problems while running


Nice looking ram does not stick out and fits ascetically with most builds.


Has not given me any problems is my first ssd other than the one in my laptop so not much to compare it to


was originally my boot drive until i got an ssd but was perfectly fine after being reformatted

Video Card

good looking card fits in 10.5 inch slots one of the only 1070s that fits in the case i have ( I originaly bought the asus strix model without looking at its dimensions and had to return it due to the 11.7 inch length


Very unique case and fits everything that you need in a small form factor. I needed to have a small case due to me living in a dorm room and traveling on a train around the holidays. This case while in the original box fits in a medium size duffel bag with some rooms on the sides.

Power Supply

Power supply that can power my build. Has more than enough provided cords

Case Fan

the fan is not too loud and the leds are bright enough


nice looking screen the has made me hate having to look at the bezels on my tv. the matte screen is very nice and does not collect dust and fingerprints excessively


Very nice keyboard the switches are similar feeling to cherry's and have similar sounds. the red leds are nice and able to be adjusted from the keyboard (only a few settings)


have had this thing for close to 7 year has held up really well. It might look ridiculous but it does its job


For a wireless headset the sound quality is good the suround sound takes a little while to get used to but when that happens its hard to go back. The battery last a decent amount of time and does not take too long to charge. The range is far enough for me to be able to to go anywhere in my two story house with no problems

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  • 46 months ago
  • 3 points

Not bad, glad you realized the need for a modular power supply in such a small ITX build. Overall pretty good though.

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

would love to see how it performs compared to one using a blower card (FE/EVGA Gaming/ASUS Turbo)