First time submitting a completed build on here. I have been building for about a year now and have had a lot of fun upgrading this build. I think this is my finish point for now, maybe a 1440p monitor to add but I'm happy with how it looks and runs.

Part Reviews


solid cpu, easy to build with. I didn't want to go with Intel for my first build since I do photo/video editing on the side so Ryzen works better for me overal

CPU Cooler

RGB + corsair cooling. The multiple lights that are all addressable make this great for RGB builds that won't do custom cooling. wish i could give it a 4.5 for not having the LL fans but that doesn't change the performance too much


Asus bios is freakin amazing, I love how easy it is for beginners to learn overclocking but also has some default overclocking setting that work well if you are too intimidated. Just a warning, tried to get my M.2 to work with the heatsink on the moba and it didn't hold a solid connection. Recommend M key and not M + B for the heatsink port but it runs it well otherwise


The sticks function well overal, but the RGB doesn't always sync up with Asus AURA, and I got a dead stick at first. works fine for now but might be swapping up for a Corsair kit soon


great ssd for the price when I got it a while ago. been through a couple of wipes but I have this for video storage and my fighting games and it handles both well.


So I tried to get this to work with the heatsink on the moba and it didn't hold a solid connection. Recommend M key and not M + B for the heatsink port but it runs it well otherwise. can't go wrong with WD in my opinion


great HDD for older games in your library or for something that doesn't really need the speed boost from an SSD

Video Card

Card does a great job pushing frames and making things looking amazing at 1080p. the minimal lighting helps my build look even better. three slots is a LOT of space so If you have a smaller case I recommend looking at EVGA's water cooled option or a smaller version. If it fits and you just want Air cooled, this works amazing when you play with the fan curves a bit (precision x1 is a must with EVGA's RTX cards)


I've been upgrading my PC for about a year now and this was easily the best case I built in. Very large case good storage room for just about everything. I built in the H500 for my girlfriend, both work really well for cable management, just want to have room for better cooling so I got the larger case.

Power Supply

Not really too much to say, great PSU when you can get it for $130-ish on sale, the cables can be flexed to fit into a lot of cable management slots if you don't get a cable mod kit and custom fan curves in iCue keep it ice cold (yes I know it isn't needed but i like it)

Case Fan

a little louder than I expected but they move air great for a push/pull config

Case Fan

small exhaust fan, works well, I love iCue when it works but not a fault of the fan

Case Fan

work really well for top exhaust, again iCue when it works is amazing lighting


I've used two of these, you can over-saturate the colors a bit to make it look better but still great performance


cheap walmart purchase for chat windows and quick reading. Screen tears while watching youtube sometimes above 720p


great keyboard, love the lighting options and the switches


great mouse, super comfy


comfy, love the wireless and the battery lasts forever as long as you charge it


had to swap around the ports a couple of times for the MOBA to pick everything up but no issues besides the start


works great for accents, again when iCue doesn't quit out, everything looks great

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  • 15 months ago
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nice build i have a ryzen 7 1700 and a rtx 2070

  • 15 months ago
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So you basically have a less crazy version of this?