Venture 16 is my newest PC build. The word "Venture" means, a daring journey or undertaken. So I was daring.

Researching The idea for a next generation Venture was born in November of 2015. I had been looking for parts and components to use for Venture 16. Originally, the system was going to have an i7 4790k and a GTX 980. However, I was patient. I knew Pascal was coming. So, I really settled my choices for components in late June. While I really wished AMD could have given us a 490 or even a 490x. I wanted to build as soon as possible I was very, very satisfied with a GTX 1070. Espescially from ASUS, the STRIX is amazing with it's high clock rates, cool RGB effecs, and good thermals. A 6700k was planned, but the 6600k was fine for me, as this system is made for gaming. Honestly, the hardest part of this project was choosing a monitor. There was no way I was gonna spend $700 on a 1440p 144hz monitor. IPS 60hz vs TN 75hz was a tough decision, but I settled on the TN 75hz because it was like $60 less, and because of the extra bump in smoothness. Next up is the Liquid Cooler and the PSU. Both are major overkill. The H115i just felt like the right choice, and it is sure to keep my unlocked processor blazing. The PSU on the other hand was purchased simply because of the chances of me going SLI in the future. Good Chance

The Build Building the PC went good for the most part. The only frustrating part, was installing the H115i and the SP120s in the front. Wiring was easy. Nothing was damaged. It was kind of scary at one point. When I pulled out the i5 from the box, it fell out of the plastic cover and landed on the cardboard box it came in. Luckily it landed on the side with the metal shielding. I'm pretty sure it's fine. It better be I get kind of worried about things like that. When that i5 hit the box, my heart stopped. Those were the only difficult or frustrating parts. Rest of the build went good.

Performance Performance wise, the PC is an absolute beast. In Firestrike, it scored a 14,965. I can also play most of my games maxed at 1440p, and still keeping up with the 75hz refresh rate. The STRIX stays quiet and cool under load, and I was able to do some very good overclocking with my H115i. The PNY SSD is killer when it comes to boot times, and having some fast RAM is awesome. The monitor is awesome. Even though it is a TN panel, it still blows me away with the native 1440p 75hz. Overall, everything runs great, stays cool. and stays silent. On a side note, the Patriot Viper V760 is a very good keyboard for it's price. You are essentially buying a Razer Blackwidow Chroma for $60 less.

Conclusion This was a very fun build. It was a nice refresh and definitely something unique. Have a more red and black theme without using MSI products is rare. I am very happy with Venture 16. It is sure to be a performance king for long while as well. If SLI is needed, well I got that covered. Venture 16 has been born.

Part Reviews


It has 4 cores. It overclocks well. It's an i5. What more can you really want for gaming.

CPU Cooler

This is a fantastic CPU cooler. It stays quiet, and keeps my CPU going well on a high overclock. It may be a little on the pricey side, but if you can get this thing for around $100 - $110, absolutely go for it! Great product from Corsair.


This is a wonderful mobo. Supported everything I need, and more. It provided a ton of fan headers and a bunch of usb ports. It has some sleek aesthetics and overall, it's quite simply a great board. Would recommend!


It's fast and low profile. Also, when I bought it was only about $70 for 16gb.


Great SSD for a great price. That being said, when I bought the SSD, it was $108.

Video Card

Amazing Graphics card! I was able to overclock easily to 2.04 ghz, and i'm willing to bet that it can go further. The card stays quiet and cool even under load. The RGB lighting is also amazing. In terms of performance, this thing is a beast! Max's out anything I through at it. Overall, this is one great product form ASUS.


This is a great case. It's not perfect, but it is a really well made product. My only issues with this case, is the lack of drive cages, and the acrylic window. There are only 2 drive cages in addition to an SSD mount. Kinda underwhelming. The window also scratches very easily. That being said, the window still looks great. All in all, a great case. I really like Phanteks, and will definitely be buying from them in the future.

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nice build

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Great Build. And that STRIX 1070 looks GOOD

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I have just 2 fans on the H115i. Surprisingly enough they are the cases stock fans. I didn't use the fans that the cooler came with simply because I preferred the stock case fans. That being said, the stock case fans are pretty good. They are quiet and they move a good amount of air.