This build has been going on since 2013, it has gone through a lot of upgrades ( Most recently the Enthoo Pro case from the CM Storm Enforcer). I always wanted to build my own Computer, i was so thrilled when i finally set this one, almost all parts that were in 2013 have been replaced as of 2017; Making my gaming PC that i made back then look dull.

I gave it the effort to make this build represent me; as a guy who likes anime and the color purple. I gotta say it went far beyond my expectation. Gaming in these is a breeze, and multitasking is so smooth and operational. The case is always cool when i touch it, I wanted to replace my Noctua Fan for a purple one but this fan is just marvelous that i can't do that, too bad it doesn't come in purple :/. Boots really quick even without the "fast boot" enabled and the lighting.......gorgeous!

Simply in love with my build, future upgrades considered is:

-A pump, 3 tb hard drive ( Since my steam games in total go for 2tb), Core i 7 processor, Motherboard, and Little anime figurines

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

First liquid cooler i have ever owned, now i know why people invest on having something like this...makes your PC stay really cool! heard the corsair link had problems from recent reviewers but from what i have seen is okay. I haven't got any problems with it and i am able to see my temps on the program. Back then my temps will get really high even with the thermal paste being replaced, so i bought this and my temps don't go above 60. I also like that it has a silent mode, which is really quiet! i had to actually look if the cooler was actually working.

Thermal Compound

Does its job just right! I can use this about 2 or 3 times and it takes months before i have to use it again. The artic cleaner kit works great in cleaning this compound, I get great results on my cpu's temperature because of it.


This mobo was introduced to me as being a mobo that is affordable and dependable, though i can't say affordable anymore since this cost around $200 now ( I bought it for around $80 new way back). I was pleased with the fan headers it had and the Dual bios; My mobo had an error one time that made the OS not boot, thank god for the Dual bios! This also has USB 3 Headers and ports which is awesome! Bios menu is really easy to navigate.

Though it is a great mobo there are some things that just ended up failing, such as some fan headers and the whole motherboard itself, my first one lasted for over 3 years which i am happy with, gave me enough time to purchase it again. Another thing is that this mobo had some problem with Windows 10, well still has actually. The Mobo's programs that came with it(or Downloaded from their website) just don't seem to work properly on windows 10, everything worked fine when i had Windows 7. Same thing for graphic cards, i had to flash my bios to get mine to work which was a Radeon HD8790, Some functions had an error for doing this but overall it got fixed manually.

Good board to start with, too bad about the price range now though.


This Keyboard is the best that i have ever owned! lighting is really great when in the dark, and it wakes up the lighting when you touch the keyboard. charging it is also really fast, doesn't take much to put it in full bar. I had these for over 2 years and is still functional.


I have had this speakers for over 2 years, and i have to say....They are still going strong! Besides getting some static from the speaker cause of near electronics, this speakers are just loud, is great! Only thing thing i don't like is that there is no Aux, so you can't use it to listen to music from your phone. I had some cheap ones back then that weren't good as this but at least it had an Aux. Though i can forgive them because the bass in this is too much, literally i barely have it half way and i can feel it the bass hard. Every speaker can also be tweaked so that each one plays a different instrument from the song, and when it syncs is just perfect!

External Storage

Needed something that had a lot of storage to keep my backups, i had run in several problems with my PC that i had to restore the whole PC to default. This expansion will save me alot of trouble. It really is plug and play, you just hook it up and in seconds is already recognized and able to store.

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Please more pics

  • 31 months ago
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Sorry, i haven't been on for a few day. i will post as soon as i get the chance!

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Okay will be waiting

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Pics have been posted, took as much angles as i could.

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Thanks for that