Finally finished my NCASE M1 after months of searching the internet, measuring, collecting, and swapping various parts. It is my first SFF, my first custom loop, and also the first I actually made the wiring harness as well. Kind of spiraled out of control after I decided to build a new computer. All I can say is that I really underestimated how hard it would be to build and install a custom loop in an M1. But given the opportunity, I would do it all over again.

Part Reviews


The chip runs warm all the time with fluctuations in temperature constantly. But even running prime95 for a while, could not get temperature much above 60C.


Perfect size for this build and with all the features I could use. I would have gotten a X470 board but several of the better features would have been worthless in a case this size. So far no issues with the board. With the custom loop, I turned off the RGB because you can't see it at all, but when I was testing with air, it was really nice.

Video Card

This thing has been a workhorse and takes everything I can throw at it. Using the installed fans, it was quiet but tended to run warm. Now with the water block, it manages to stay pretty cool. I have yet to find any bottlenecks and can't get the temperature above 55C during testing.

Power Supply

Perfect size for my SFF build. My only gripe are the included cables, highly recommend purchasing the platinum version to get the sleeved cables.

Case Fan

Incredible air mover for the price, but comes at the cost of noise.


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Well you deserve this upvote for the amount of work you must've put in for stuffing an entire loop into the Ncase. Props!

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you cant run chrome MORE RAM REDDIT KING

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r/dankmemes boutta gobble all your ram after you scroll down for an hour

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It looks kinda tight in that case!