Hello I hope this would be helpful,If you tryna copy this Pc Build kinda Had sum Probably like I recommend either getting a Bigger MAtx or case then this because some of the standoff doesn’t fit the MOB, The power supply was kinda hard to screw because some of the screw didnt match up but i made it work.

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It good but you find a better one

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  • 3 months ago
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Monitor Acer SB220Q bi 21.5" 1920x1080 75 Hz Monitor No Hdmi

I'm pretty sure the Acer SB220Q has an HDMI plus they also have VGA. It's very common for tight budget monitors to not supply an HDMI cable but will usually have the VGA but sometimes (rare cases) have done both or just an HDMI cable but can be an older HDMI cable at times. Though I am used to seeing majority only a VGA cable if its a tight budget monitor ($120 and under).

Did you meant you didn't get an HDMI cable and would have preferred it? HDMI cables are not too pricey to purchase these days if find a decent one online. Can at least purchase a 3 foot or a 6 foot cable: Amazon HDMI cables

  • 3 months ago
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That Q300L case has a bag of screws inside when you open it, in that bag are extra standoffs that aren't preinstalled on the motherboard tray. You have to look at where the holes on your motherboard are located and either remove or install standoffs until everything matches up. They do this because that case supports Micro ATX as well as Mini ITX motherboards and those two standards have different mounting hole patterns.

As far as the power supply screws, standard size PSUs all have the same screw pattern and I've built several computers in that Q300L case with no issue screwing the power supply, it's possible something got bent in shipping.

All in all though, doesn't sound like you had too many difficulties for your first build. Looks good! +1

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Thank you but sum of standoff literally didnt match up

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There is only one standoff that you will not use, on the lower right side there are two "M" standoff marks vertically very close to each other. You will only use the lower one of those. All the other standoffs are in the correct placement for mATX motherboards, and that Gigabyte board uses a standard mounting pattern.

Unless you got a defective motherboard (in which case I would RMA it for a new one) they should align properly.