Background : Hello ! I am an industrial programmer, seasonal gamer and tech enthusiasm. Last PC I've built was 15 years ago. I've been using laptops since, mainly as workstations and light gaming. My current laptop is getting old, and I've been looking at Small Form Factor build on YouTube (Optimum Tech) for quite some time. Got my eyes on the NCase M1, which I found to be a interesting SFF case because of its versatility and cooling performance. Finally got the M1 V6.1 case ordered when it came back in stock in early December 2019.

Build purpose : The idea behind this build was to get a solid, future-proof platform that will be use as a workstation (VM, python dev, stock market, media server, light gaming) and then upgrade to a workstation/gaming PC. So basically, I cut cost down by cheaping out on the CPU and GPU. I found a used Ryzen 5 2400G on Facebook marketplace with Corsair AOI cooler included for 140 CAD$. In the future, I will get a high-end CPU and GPU.

Motherboard : Asus ROG Strix X570-I seem like a good choice for future proof since it has the latest Ryzen chipset and PCI 4.0 ready. I did have some issue with the firmware using a second gen ryzen 5. The board was in Rev 1.03, and it required 1.04+ to run a second gen ryzen. I went to my local store (canada computer) and they kindly updated my firmware to 1.05 by temporary installing a video card and a 3rd gen ryzen. I did choose to pay a bit more to buy the motherboard at a local store instead on getting it on the internet for after sale support (good call imo) !

RAM and storage : My laptop at work got 32gb, I can't get less... and I reserved 4gb for the integrated graphics. I think 32gb worth it for multitasking and VMware. Ram speed of 3200 seems like a sweet spot. Storage, I love samsung product , this thing is fasssst.

Power supply : SF600 Platinum was out of stock, SF750 came on sale at amazon.

Tuning APU is set at 1500mhz, CPU is set on auto reaching 3.9 ghz under load. RAM is at 2933 mhz.

Cheers !

  • CPU : Facebook Marketplace
  • CPU Cooler : Facebook Marketplace
  • Thermal Compound : Canada Computer (Local)
  • Motherboard : Canada Computer (Local)
  • Memory : Neweggs Canada
  • Storage : Neweggs Canada
  • Case : NCase official website
  • PSU : Amazon Canada
  • OS : Canada Computer (Local)

Part Reviews


Great build quality and look amazing. Beware, you won't be able to boot with Second Gen Ryzen if firmware is not 1.04+.


Top brand, good quality and price/value +++


Crazy fast ! Boot-up take seconds!


NCASE M1 - V6.1 Amazing case. Versatile Small Form Factor Case with good cooling. There is so many different configuration. Hard to get, there is like 4 productions per year, and stock last for 1-2 days. Check out Optimum Tech on youtube for reviews

Power Supply

Platinum version included premium cable. Quality +++

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