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My favorite Tools On The Internet When Starting A Build

  • Any Search Engine: Usually a Google Variant. I like StartPage or AV search engines (they do all the filtering and add a little bit of security and/or anonymity, especially for Windows users)
  • . Product manufacturer support page and specifications for safe operating temperatures
  • . Build Cheat Sheet: some home grown or general information sites for PC building are good. It is a bit of everything to get you into the right field of view. There are some that get right into the science and engineering (if you like that) and others that skim and basically just sell you stuff. I like this one because it is mostly spec and the important build concepts.
  • . CPU Temp Gauge
  • . GPU/CPU Temp Gauge
  • There are hundreds of common Bench Mark tools, but I was happy enough with User Bench Mark.
  • . User Benchmark
  • . Pass Mark
  • . Heaven Benchmark
  • . I found purchasing to be the thing I spend the least amount of time on, but that could mean I am not seeing the best deals or waiting for them. The build and spec research is where I dedicate the workload.
  • . Build/Cost Generators are common but I like Here and User Benchmark as they both have different features benefits or weaknesses
  • . Mostly I stick with amazon (.ca for me) & newegg (.ca for me) & I have looked at some Canadian retailers, but their pricing is really similar to the previous two and I have yet to have a real reason to try them yet. I assume it is all American resale anyways.
  • . Financing is just from my own funds, but I might build for others if they need high performance builds from my expertise in electronics or from what I learn during my own builds.
  • . I have experience in electrical cable runs so it is not so different. This build was left a little messy because I knew it was going to be a redo, and to be completely honest the case is beautiful but not completely functional because it is so large. It is the kind you mount on your wall and largely forget about.
  • . I absolutely hate RGB because if you decide to do it, there is not one software that fits all.
  • . I will look into a bigger wide-screen display or a clean multi-monitor setup in the future so it looks less disorderly.
  • . Not sure what the heck is else would help the build after all that. Max of all possible things I would need for a standard single socket, one-person, manageable, common, movable build.


  • Purchasing can be super long a tedious if you're trying for deals, or quick and painful if you don't care. Personally I like to get components when they are stable at least, but I need to performance build sooner rather than later.
  • Read reviews and forums and anything you can. Find a large enough amount of information to be happy with your decision to buy an honest product and then cross your fingers you are not in the matrix. Careful about buying from sketchy retailers. Go with track record. Some companies are smaller but have been around forever and you can trust.
  • Warning though, sometimes people will gang up and make false comments on a product to keep the price where they want it and buy up all the product for themselves (or possibly for resale). When it spikes they sell and turn a profit. Much like scalping tickets. However you need to go with your facts and make a decision.

Build Core

  • . MOBO: P8Z77-V LK a tad old, but stable enough for a re-purposing.
  • . CPU: i7 3770k a tad old again, with an annoying temperature threshold, and kind of weak performance considering the graphics card.
  • . GPU: GTX 680 old gpu was ok, but run full load to play most games.
  • . GPU: GTX 1080 Ti gets the job done every time, probably a least 2-3 years future safe. My guess is after 3-4 years the next best thing will crush my GPU.
  • . RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB old again, but OC is pretty good for it's day, and compatibility was enough, but even if upgraded I would still need to work with outdated high speed data drives.
  • . SSD: SS 840 Pro is dated again, but gets the job done for now.
  • . SSD: OCZ Vector x2 are sluggish for SSDs
  • . HDD: WD 3TB
  • . Gaming: COD4 is jumpy, ACE Combat Skies 7 is stable, Fortnite is stable until a get in close range to other players or certain high resource times, my newer XP games run perfect
  • . Workstation: good enough for basic development, business applications, basic CAD software, basic code build and compile. Poor multi-tasking after a few applications get opened. Not ideal.
  • . Desktop: Same as above, but way overkill for regular day-to-day stuff.

Component Support

  • . UPS: APC SMT2200C 40 minutes of backup time for saving and working if it's time sensitive work. About 1-2 hours if I downscale the UPS power draw.
  • . Furman M-8X2 Power Cleaner power cleaner for all my electronics is used as the main power outlet for everything I use including the UPS. I know the UPS has one, but I think for my already battery powered stuff it helps.

. Does everything required for component support. I over sized the UPS to 20 amps but it has greater battery capacity. I used a simple amazon converter to change to the 20 amp outlet style. Be careful you don't use the 20 amp outputs. It should matter too much but just to be safe.


Peripherals have lights and good looks. The Razer products are stellar and so is ROCCAT, but I would say that the ROCCAT is loud, like an old school typewriter, but really easy to clean. I would recommend becoming a quiet typer or using noise canceling headphones. Also soundproof your room or just don't bother visitors or people around you. No late night programming or gaming when not alone with this keyboard. I added some of those storefront LEDs inside the case for ambiance. The setup is decent but requires too much work to reconfigure the color scheme I would say.


  • . Monitor: Dell used for gaming, really does everything your games need. Covers all the basic gamer needs. People really complain about the stock coloring though.
  • . Monitor: Asus Zenscreen Go has a battery and functions without power on the device, great for shutdown and when the power goes out with your UPS.
  • . [Monitor: Acer] Older power hungry and low res. Good for the time it was relatively new, but has a lot of negatives these days when compared to newer cheap models.


All the scrap will be used to build people I know some decent desktops or basic workstations.


  • . [OS: Can Change] If Linux had all the features and control software I would do all Linux, but since Wine really annoys me, I use Windows with Virtual Machines or Linux Subsystem for Windows. Mac is nice but is always hardware specific. I have tried Mac OS on VM but it is laggy.
  • . [Security: close to none] Basic Anti-virus, No physical locking mechanisms, No built-in encryption, No hardware isolation (all performance), No virtual locking mechanisms or encryption mechanisms, Secure boot and the basics, Optional bit-locker, Optional network and more security techniques I have not tried, the network itself is not really safe. It has been said, "You need to dig a hole 10 feet down, turn off your machine and blanket it in frequency blocking material, and even then there's no guarantee your machine is not being remotely accessed." The joke is basically, if you want security, stay off-line or do not use computers. lol
  • . [Anti-Virus] I won't say which, because that's how confident I am in Windows and Windows AV. I have heard some horror stories...
  • . [Game Stores] Blizzard, Steam, Windows Store (heck if you know any better ones let me know).
  • . [Games] H1Z1 Battle Royale, Ace Combat , COD 4, CS GO, Fortnite, Gears of War 4, LOL, Minecraft, MKX, Project Cars, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Stronghold Crusader HD. Most games run half decent, but the new ones struggle on the older components. GPU is hugely different performance wise.

It's not top of the line, although it looks really nice from what I used to have. It's ready for any long term workstation needs with component support.

CONS Reconfigured pre-built.* cons are none really when I consider it logically. Performance is what I paid for and the build components all functioned as advertised when properly configured. Does not compile medium/large programs quick enough. Let's just say my CPU is not industrial enough for the ultimate gaming/workstation combo.


:: Gigabyte software is a huge headache, if you have a few older components or your mobo won't play ball with it, if it does not install properly or has bugs. It really drives people off the wall. Currently trying to understand if it is a dependency or version issue. 2 seconds ago before some basic updates, it was working fine. Currently it is kind of working for me, but I read it might be my old mobo or the rgb is just not working.

:: Make sure you physically check your AIO tube lengths and case dimension perfectly. One wrong move with sizing parts and the whole build becomes a guessing game or patchwork. My 280 radiator is above the case like a pipe-stack. It keeps it cooler but the fins are bare and susceptible to accidental damage. FIX: I will be making my own custom water loops from now on.

:: Make sure your MOBO and case are future ready. I find prefab companies skimp on the basics to give you current performance. If you want future-safe hardware (which is not always possible if something changes suddenly) I suggest having a strong base for building your PC. FIX: I will be buying a X399 board once the markets stabilize or at least the X399 comment sections do...

:: NVMe incompatibility. My desire to have a solid workstation is hampered by the fact that my Motherboard is old and does not have many of the newest features and functionality. It is good enough really, but to push the future-safe concept, I guess it's been 10 years and my old board was somewhat basic in the first place. FIX: As above a new X399 mobo should have the newest everything and lots of functionality.

:: Original AIO low coolant. The AIO I removed before this one was either leaking or something because I could clearly hear it moving with air pockets through the parts. I think it was too old and I hadn't maintained it properly. (One cool thing about more open cases, you can see and clean dust before it collects and blocks cooling). FIX: Installed EVGA 280 CLC. (note, some CLC don't radiate as well b/c of aluminum parts, radiator in my case)


  • . Verify Component Compatibility 100%!!!
  • . Do your measurements before buying. I mean every little detail you can think of. Depending on the case purpose, decide where you will bring it and what you will be doing with your build. Mine is mostly stationary, so smaller or compact or mobile is not really a concern. Using some basic 3D cad software with simple blocks might even work.
  • . Future-safe products with the newest functionality can be dangerous but do your research and talk to bleeding edge owners or read as many specs/manuals/reviews/forums as you can. Bleeding edge usually has the latest and greatest and is great for doing slow builds, but comes sometimes with a slight risk.
  • . Personally I think investing in a solid motherboard is key. If you do not know what kind of CPU, memory limit, graphics card and data transfer/storage devices you will be using, these are the heart of your build and should be your focus when choosing the right motherboard. After that I would start merging your worst case scenario size components list with a large enough case. Make sure to leave enough room for cooling and read the manufacturer product manuals and cad schematics or visuals BEFORE buying, no matter how boring they might seem at first. This will save you the headache.

SUMMARY $7g+ dollars later and I still cannot play COD 4 yet :( ..oh well :P However the system has lots of component support, and all the top notch extras ready to go.

Part Reviews


Loved it while the newest games were performance compatible with it. Kind of poor temp threshold and load fluctuations once she's old are pretty bad.

CPU Cooler

Gets the job done at least. I wouldn't rave, but you get what you pay for. As a newb to cooling I didn't realize the importance of an all copper radiator and really good thermal application. This device comes with pre-applied paste. If you are not sure or it was sloppy, remove the original to use your own stuff, re-apply a good amount of paste, mount it as evenly as you can and carefully tighten down evenly. Only slightly better than my old Corsair CLC, which is actually a pretty bad sign when I think about it. the corsair being really old and much smaller in size.


She was a beauty in her prime. I like it for a professional station but it is not really meeting a modern workstation benchmark even with it's components fully maxed.


For the price it is good. I am not fully sure I trust all of G.Skill products but these RAM sticks really did mostly what I needed. An old model for a good enough price.


Great until I realized it was slowing my overall performance sometimes. SS makes mean product. Value for many of their products is top notch. Great SSD for SATA 3. The newer SSDs with express and NVM blow it out of the water though. Really wish I could upgrade all my sub-components, but it is not cost-effective for these manufacturers to make fully modular products. Once core sub-components would be replaced it is peanuts to replace the rest, so why not just buy new components right?


Not sure what is wrong with mine, but they did not perform well at all. Wildly overpriced when compared to Samsung products.


Western Digital always makes a pretty good product and it usually has a fair price. No complaints.

Video Card

I have not been able to test it to the max yet as my build spec has not changed in about 6 years. I am going to change that in the next few weeks though. Most prices for the 11 gb memory nvidia products are still pretty outrageous in general though.


Pretty, but not absolutely functional. Feels like a trophy case, not a working man's PC. Like where my beautiful new parts go to die. lol Don't get me wrong, it is very adaptable locally. However I cannot really bring it along.

Power Supply

Everything you need if you do not need extremely high efficiency.

Operating System

DOS-box... gamer's paradise, security nightmare. 4 stars for features. -1 star for Winducks. Power-user's/Programmer's typical nightmare rig. The security potential of this device is negative. The customization is horrible when compared to some OS'. The privacy potential of this device is impossible. If you are a security expert, you'd probably blow your brains out before you found a way to make this machine truly secure.

Case Fan

It's a bargain, nothing flashy.

Case Fan

Has not died yet. I notice many 140mm start to make noise early though.


Really enjoyed this purchase. After messing with the coloring a bit, she's a beauty.


It's a love hate relationship. I should say 4 star about the noise of typing. Although most mechanical keyboards that aren't on a laptop or used in public can be wicked noisy. It's perfect except a small noise complaint. Super easy to clean.


Solid, just solid. Worth every penny for the feel.


Smooth and modular, but not too modular and not too smooth.


Literally the best headset I have ever had with the best price. The sound quality is good. They feel lite on the ears. The removable microphone piece is great.

External Storage

I have always had a big fear of Seagate because I used to read about them failing all the time. So far no problems.

External Storage

I could barely find the product page for this guy. Has not failed or gotten bad sectors yet.


Nice little product. Does what you pay for.


Barely use the thing. (It's probably a configuration issue.) However I have installed the drivers and it still tries to fry my usb sticks sometimes or when I put certain brands of USB 3.0 or sd cards. Linux support is almost negligible.


Great except be careful and inform yourself. It does not work exactly with older motherboards. Also I can see the lighting pushing from outside the screen sometimes. I understand this is sometimes common on certain devices but kind annoying I guess.


Pulled off an old Corsair CLC. Still runs at high RPM and pushes air with ease in a more quiet manor.


Extra features are almost annoying, but cool either way.

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  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

It's huge!


  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

lol.. yeah, thanks man. I did not figure that into moving though. It's going to be a damn pain if I move the old bird. If I start doing more contract work around my area or between countries, I will need something more manageable. Otherwise I spent all the money so the old bird could collect dust.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Could we get a photo with the RGB off and the lights on?

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

So I added them, but they look really fuzzy. I will see if I can borrow my sister's very high resolution device.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

How is that i7 treating you?

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Pretty good. She's hanging in there. Gets the job done, but the thresholds for full load and temperatures are becoming a problem with fresh out of the gate newer games.

Hey, before I go full ham and switch to AMD's higher end multi-core chipsets, do you think intel's top of the line still has a benefit because MOBOs are still somewhat built more for intel?

I guess I fear I am trading future headaches for performance of the AMD CPU.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Depends on how high you need per core clock speed. As of right now, it’s still better to go with intel, but ONLY if you have no work tasks that could benefit from higher core counts. However, intel being overpriced, I find it usually worth to go AMD, as the performance to cost ratio is MUCH better. If you have a few months to wait though...... That Ryzen 3000 series seems to be very promising, with high core counts and high clock speeds being leaked. That’s what I would go for if you really want cost effective performance. (I’m really looking at the leaked Ryzen 9 3850x. 16 Cores and a possible 5ghz clock speed? I’m so down!)

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks very much for the tip!

Looks like I should sit on my hands for a little while.

Guess, it will be a few months wait then. Maybe I can buy the other parts in the time waiting. And hopefully some parts die down in price (a few high-end GPUs would be lucky)...

Well while I am asking wiser builders or researchers... do you happen to know if the AMD GPUs are even worth the risk?

Honestly, in hopes of generating a competitor that would stop the nvidia prices madness I was going to buy AMD just because...

I did my own research and from the workstation/gaming rig it seems reasonable, but from a purely benchmark standpoint, nvidia still holds a big enough lead to not buy AMD GPUs yet...

Also, do you happen to know if sequential CPU batches by AMD get better or worse, or possibly they make sure each batch his exact spec or better. I guess I am asking if AMD tolerances are better or worse than intel or with time?

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

1) for Amd Gpu’s there are also rumours of AMD Navi being released around the same time as the new Ryzen series. Both are expected to be announced at computex. As for if they are worth it, most and gpu’s are still more or less a budget option. They work well, but don’t really hold a candle to Nvidia, even if overpriced. Their latest one (the Radeon 7) comes pretty close to nvidia’s top of the line cards, however the price difference when compared to and Rtx 2080 is minimal. See link for details ( ) But I’m guessing you already researched this.

2) A’s for the second question, I honestly don’t know. Based off of frequently browsing through other sites and forums to do with the Ryzen cpu’s there don’t seem to be many complaints. There will always be that one faulty one, but I’ve yet to hear about an overall drop in quality as time goes on

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, unless there's a massive conspiracy amongst gamers, the general consensus is that Nvidia GPU still wins, but the price is not so good (mainly btc mining inflation or other things...)

Yeah, I figure people would leave AMD in droves if their CPUs started failing all the time. I guess if I am going water cooling it shouldn't matter about temperature threshold.

Thanks again! That tip off about 3000 was something I had not researched yet...

As an FPS player, I do have a bit of any itchy trigger finger, so buying the best 2000 series might be the thing and upgrade later. It would be cool to have them meet their release date on 3000 although if I wait to the mid summer I might as well wait it out when they are ready to release their product.

Something new in their method of baking at AMD is supposed to crush intel for now...

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Actually, to get my upgrade going sooner rather than later I might just buy a 3.5GHz (4.0GHz) 12-core AMD for fun and see how it performs for newer games. So when the 3000s are released I will still pay a decent price and have 2-3 machines built and completed by then. Or I guess I could wait out the whole thing and get two ultra fast 3000 series products...

Waiting time vs Value/Price. Not really getting any younger. LOL.

I guess I can always make a trailing build for a family member and just make a bit of money back from whatever they offer me so it's not a total loss.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

I look at your curated list of builds some gknarly stuff in there man. Very cool!

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks a lot for checking that list out man. Spent quite a while making that. I update the list every time I find a cool and a unique build. Check it out later on!! And please encourage others to do the same!!

Peace out. It is my mission to let the PCPP community enjoy looking at these one of a kind builds!!

Thanks again!!

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Fans everywhere... o.0?

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah. It was the best idea I had at the time with all my misc. fans. Round two will include a custom loop with parallel radiators like all the other Thermaltake devices/cases have... lol

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

normally I think there would be a joke about using an android to take these pictures?

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Hmm.. I don't follow, most people using higher resolution devices? I guess I could have gotten my sister to use one of her cameras with high resolution... although... I just wanted to toss it up here and maybe do that later.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

the thing is that people with iphones and really expensive cams are always like, "looks like this was taken off of an android". i know its a joke, but that crap aint true at all

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Nah, if I could have it my way, presentation would not be the most important thing. Benchmark and performance is where it is at, but people just want to see pretty light so i gotta do both.

idk, your kind of blasting Android it seems. My Android camera is maybe just crap. iPhone does make a consistent build but it doesn't scale. That's why people do Android instead. You can buy Androids that out perform iPhone all over the map with similar pricing if you look. If you don't have much money you can scale down too.

idk, if you're trying to pound the payment with device worship, the prophet Steve Jobs is dead, get over it.

Windumbs and iCrap are only in my possession because Linux/BSD are not adapted by integrators. Also Blackberry takes the cake for phones.

iPhone people always say stuff about art and security, but really the default security level was the only thing they had to brag about. However, blackberry had the best security before iCrap & Andrips.

Go ahead and back peddle or whatever it is you're doing here man. Hope you are not a tech troll.

Talk about the build man. Site says, "PCPartPicker" not "mac vs the world battle royale".

Really though I think my hands are not steady enough to be completely honest, but maybe they skimped out on the camera on my device.

Nonetheless, I will get you some pretty pictures man.

Well, I just looked and blackberry has a pretty good product that is secure and pretty cheap considering the cost of most phones today.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

I completely agree with what you are saying. why do people need to argue over what kind of phone they have? What matters is that they actually have a phone, and they take it all for granted and it's annoying. the amount of entitled people having these SUPER nice phones isn't helping either. I would have to say that a phone is a phone and you should be glad that you have one at all.

As for the build. How does the 3770k perform? have you overclocked it? Maybe sometime in the near future, you may want to end up upgrading it to something newer, like an 8700k. that's the main thing that I would change so that you aren't bottlenecking the full potential of that GPU. If you want to upgrade the 1080 ti in the future, you can but I don't recommend it. The 2080 ti is close to the same base performance, but the biggest difference is that it has ray tracing, which will drop your frames a lot. otherwise, this build is a hackin' beast and it should last you quite a long time.

  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

tl;dr YOLO, i like my electronics. Also, phone jealousy makes no sense, get over it. Also, people spend loads of money on stupid stuff, why should electronics be any different? And, Build is sluggish for modern computing. Have a wicked build on the configuration table... . . . All My Build Concepts Are Right Here Some of the current active components feel like throw-aways when you look at the performance I could get or give somebody in a new machine from around a thousand dollar build. I have about a $1500-1600 dollar complete build taxes in listed there. They call any gaming, desktop, and workstation a UFO if it passes a certain benchmark on the userbenchmark site. It is cool site, but it lacks the depth here on pcpartpicker. Man if they somehow worked together or pcpartpicker developed a benchmark software (or at least benchmark sharing database) that would be stellar.

As for the build it is really underwhelming for even the current price let alone what it cost me originally. Yeah the GPU is for certain choking on the low resources.

On the budget builds you could actually remove 1 or 2 items and downgrade a few to be really bare-bones about it, but I think you would gain $50-100 dollars to pay $200-400 dollars later on when upgrading if you ever upgrade.

You can get some great stuff on the cheap if you look and use some of these on-line digital configuration tools. If you absolutely need to you can buy from computer shops, prefabs or electronics shops. Although I think they can rip you off a lot and you may not even notice if you are not looking or researching a bit before buying.

. . .

As for phone jealousy I could care less. Flagship expensive devices keep those companies building all kinds of stuff so everybody gets a good device at some point. Sure it might be a few years late or not the newest OS. Phone jealousy or envy is something you need to deal with inside yourself. If you cannot cope with it man, just get a better job or invest in better and make better life choices until you are rolling in the money. Life is about filtering and prioritizing for sure. I am not good at all of it, but I have a few things that keep me doing well enough.

I have all the high end finds...and I will take a minute to explain why. I hashed this all out because it is a question I get asked a lot by people I know too. I am social do not get me wrong, people like me well enough to hang out, I just get really bored or annoyed with common conversations typically so I don't offend people but I like to keep things brief and reasonable when I cannot compile an idea logically during a conversation. I consider conversation tennis and writing like construction. Intellectual dialogue is in between those. Most people I know like tennis.

Electronics is my thing. I buy high end devices and neglect all other facets of adult styles of life. Like my car is stable and functional. I get seasonal tune ups, but for all intensive purposes, it is not a chick magnet or bro high five machine. It does what it needs too. People who hate electronics or have envy do not know how I see electronics. I get good products because I can, and because flagship devices can sometimes help make everyone's devices cheaper over time.

If you feel that way, you probably do not realize that the human species used to capture feathers and items like gold and basically useless charms to mate.

Think about how much sh!t in this world is completely useless yet holds enormous value.

Most people are either digesting, injecting, erecting, prospecting, or investing their wages. Some people are just trying to survive, others are trying to consume products, others scheme trying to make it grow, others are trying to mend humanity and some just look at the whole picture of reality-technology, turn on their machine and play a video game.

Diamond rings, absolutely useless except for a few scientific and industrial applications. It's rare and we slap it on some metal and it is the new feather for mating.

On that note, I am not trying to get mated by buying electronics. And anybody who thinks that electronics are a status symbol for me is wrong. I am here semi-anonymously for that reason. I was looking for like minded nerds or computer whizzes who like to build and mess with electronics expensive or cheap.

It just so happens I have funds and I want to try high end stuff for a little bit and see if it's fun or I can make some side cash or do give aways with building.

LoL, I have not met a person of the opposite sex yet who was excited by how many cores are in my laptop and how high I custom clocked my desktop. Sure there are outliers and a few nerds, but for the most part even computer people realize all the stuff is just stuff and tools for making more stuff and tools.

I see getting married and having kids as some kind of divine punishment for having genitals. I see other things like boats and fast cars, giant homes and other stuff as just fluff, no better or worse than electronics. There are strategic things like investing and home ownership and stuff, but that all depends if you want your life to have transcendent, genital/genetic related legacy. Heck idk I guess you could have loads of money and not have a partner or family, just a gangster with lots partners and no family, but I am happy with the **** I got and the money I can make day to day or annually.

I do not know your life however, I suppose that unless you are a munk my friend, you probably have a thing you waste too much funds on also. Could be media, partners, vacation, some cause or something. Unless you are straight cut, a married person or maybe a suit, you probably splurge on somethings. Most people have a I thing, mine's electronics. Some people do the whole save the world bit, but I doubt it's a resolvable cause or even manageable. So yeah, people can say a lot of stuff, but when you start to see life through certain lenses, you just start to realize, getting by is enough. For me anyway, the rest of it is meaningless. Building AI or some kind legacy via programming, with the way human organisms are going, is probably just as meaningful as anything else I could do. Human existence is built from predatory thinking, resource experience charming mating rituals (mental/physical/value whatever), and a heck of a lot messed up history. Things are semi-stable now, but probably not for the reasons you would think or not think I guess.

So, I will put together the beastly build at some point, instead of buying real estate or a faster car, or going on a vacation. . . . I will chill on my computer with some tea or water and play games, configure stuff, make art or write code... I have not very much smart or good control over my own life/situation, so why should I extend that to others, or worse (a) new being(s)? . . . And on top of all that, I will buy the Blackberry phone too, just to experience the security features lol.

Man, I used to write a lot of essays. This is too long to check for typos. Anyways if you find a mistake, it's not my fault. God did it. :P

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

So your pictures are up. The quality is a little better I think. Probably just my hands were not steady.