This baby can run pretty much any game at 150-200+ fps, OC is possible and provides great performance increase in both CPU and GPU (haven't tried anything else), no RGB unfortuantly but I ended up getting some strips to put on the side which look very nice. If you're thinking about getting the parts of this PC I would recommend changing the case and the motherboard as they are both out of production and also the case is quite small and the CPU could use some more cooling as when gaming it CAN get warm but even so I've had no problems after almost a year.


CPU Cooler -








Part Reviews


Great price and great performance processor, runs animated wallpapers in 1080p+ at 30 fps just fine, compatability with the GPU works a lot better than what I thought it would and provides very smooth gameplay, OC works up to 3.6ghz at base voltage (haven't tried anything after that as I don't want to risk damaging or destroying the CPU).

CPU Cooler

This cooler is definitely better for workstations I would recommend trying for a dual or triple fan as when gaming the CPU can get warm, but anything else stabilizes at around 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).


As this is an out of production motherboard I'm not going to give much of a review except that it works fine.


Decent RAM sticks definitely not a recommendation if you want some aesthetics in your PC as they do look pretty ugly but besides that, 16 GB is definitely minimum for a gaming PC and I would recommend getting 2666 or more from 2400 as when having more than about 6 applications open it can slow down.


Bit of an over the top price for only 512 GB SSD but never the less nice storage and speed for games.


Very nice hard drive and a great price for 1 TB, I've got about half of my games on there and its not even a quarter full and it runs them all fine, one game in particular is Overwatch (multiplayer, fps) and it runs as good as on an SSD.

Video Card

Probably the best affordable and best performance GPU you could ever get! Even when gaming having the fans at 50% speed is enough to keep it at 40-50 degrees Celsius (122-140 Fahrenheit) which is great for fps boost, 8GB is easily enough to have almost any game at max settings, in Minecraft with shaders I can get 250-300 fps because of this beaut!


Another out of production product and I'm not surprised why, its decent looking but it's VERY small interior, not worth for a good looking gaming PC, only problem I've had so far is one of the external drive slots is broken.

Power Supply

Good PSU easily enough volts for overclocked gaming and great performance would 100% recommend.

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