I have redone my PC yet again however this time I want to show it for everyone to see. This build started out as a GTX 970 and an AMD 8350 way back in the day and over the years I've learned, earned, and gained more and this PC shows those 3 things. I managed to replace the acrylic on my H440 with standard glass which looks night and day recently and was fairly cheap to do. The 9700k is a beast in every scenario I put it through as well as my GTX 1080 which is still holding up even at 1440p. I can run everything basically maxed out with the occasional very high or high. Over the years I used to care more and more about performance and less about the aesthetics however now in my opinion they are equally important. There is still and always will be room for improvements and upgrades but every time I do something to my computer it just gets better and better which is super rewarding and a main reason I came back to this hobby after years of not really caring about it too much. I hope to continue the pursuit of this hobby and everything it has to offer and if you have any questions concerning the build or input please let me know. Thank you for looking at my build!

P.S. I did not delid my 9700k. I have however delidded my most recent processor the 7700k in order to stop temperature spikes.

Part Reviews


Doesn't run too hot compared to the 7700k and it runs everything I can throw at it. Love this chip

CPU Cooler

Love this cooler and how it looks in my case HOWEVER compared to the standard H115i it has corners that are squared off so I had to drill a bit of holes and make a cut out at the top of my case in order for it to fit properly. This was probably my fault for not doing enough research but my case supports 280mm radiators and that's what this is. All is well now just make sure this will definitely fit your case


I love this board and it is to date one of my favorite boards I've owned. It does have some flaws however first off when I first got this board it was a nightmare trying to boot up even to the BIOS. It'd turn off turn on constantly (and yes I did try the memok switch). It ultimately was fixed by simply switching the RAM sticks (not switching slots just swapping them from where the one was to where the other was). I have no idea to this day why this happened but it was not a fun time. And lastly I do wish there were a bit more lighting options in terms of where they are placed. It's really not a huge deal though because once you have this board up and running it looks, performs, and is just simply amazing.


Such an upgrade compared to my bland Corsair Vengeance LPX 2133mhz and they perform much faster. Can't get over how much a simple RAM upgrade had such a big difference in all aspects


Super fast and super cheap (well now they are).


Have owned many of these drives and never have had an issue with a single one.

Video Card

One of the best and most memorable parts of my computer. I had to wait months before I could get my hands on this monster because they were being sold out left and right. Once I finally got one I'm pleased to say that it still has not disappointed me. Runs everything at 1440p with ease and the Strix edition stays super quiet and cool.


My favorite part of my PC. This case has been amazing to work with and experience. I've done a few mods like add glass instead of acrylic to the window and drill holes to make my h115i pro fit but overall a solid case. Sad to see they aren't being produced anymore

Power Supply

Does what it is supposed to do however when the computer is off it makes a low but high pitched noise. I've done research and it could fail soon or be fine for years so I have a backup PSU on standby

Case Fan

Super bright fans and I love the included controller that comes with these. Even blocked off at the front of my case they still illuminate a good section of my PC.

Case Fan

This fan is a beast and is very similar to the HD120s. I have 0 complaints about it


For what this panel is the picture on it is stunning. This was my first monitor I bought when I built my first PC and to this day it still looks amazing. I use this monitor now to monitor all of my temperatures, fan speeds, etc.


I managed to get a killer deal on this panel at best buy during the holidays and the picture is incredible. G-sync is a plus but there is one flaw, sometimes after the monitor is unplugged for a while it doesn't want to turn back on. It hasn't done it in a while but when it happened it was a huge worry and inconvenience. Other than that this is a fairly cheap and rock solid monitor


This keyboard is fantastic. I love the tactile feel of the cherry mx blues and with the ICUE software I am able to have some awesome looking effects. The only downside to this keyboard is it's definitely not waterproof but it was my fault lol


This mouse is great and can be dialed in to meet your standards although it does need to be lubed up every now and then and the sniper button always seems to get easier and easier to press as this mouse ages.


These are the best user friendly headphones for PC to use for the price in my opinion. They sound very clear and I love the included USB soundcard.


The best sounding 2.1 PC speakers money can buy for the price. The base really hits hard and the speakers are extremely clear.

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