My first gaming PC:

Got this rig just in time for the holidays 2017 and I am perfectly happy with it. Although there were a bit of compromises due to the lack of parts brought by the holiday season. I could say I might have done a good job and I'm looking forward to add more to this machine.

Kindly give comments if you want :) Thank you.

Part Reviews


A suitable mid range processor to enter coffee lake. Was thinking between this and a i5-7500 processor but thought this would be more futureproof.


No B350 motherboards are available yet so this Z370-P was the most cheapest overclock able board I could find.


Got this in red colour. One stick of 8gb DDR4 2400 for now due to budget limitations. Looking to up this to 16gb very soon.


SSD is the boss. Boots up my PC really fast. ALthough I'm looking to add in a hard drive for media storage. Any recommendations on the best overall SATA harddrive? :)

Video Card

The heart of my rig. Looks really cool and can handle most games at high settings @ 1080p. Really silent and fans barely run at all.


NZXT S340 Elite - Fell in love with this case. I'm looking for a black/red aesthetic build so this came in perfectly and was easy to work in.

Power Supply

Helps to get a branded PSU to ensure that your hard worked parts are safe in case of a power disruption.


very eye pleasing monitor. only drawback to this was that it didnt have an adjustable vertical stand and it's wobbly as f***. I'm not really sure if what I paid for was worth it.


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Nice build. i5-8400, Pc Gamer Cpu of the year. Any significant difference with the 4 core i5s?

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Thank you! Yes, there are no problems running cpu intensive games and multitasking at the same time :) more cores beat 4 core i5s with higher base Ghz .

Althought an i7 is still beast when you just want to do everything at the same time.

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I like ur desk