Used for playing 1080p games between high and medium settings. Most games ran very well such as Far Cry 5, Insurgency: Sandstorm, and Destiny 2. However, GTA V, ROTTR, and did cause the system stutter frequently due to the CPU.

Ryzen 3 2200G: I would recommend a 2600 at this point. The 2200 ran well for the most part but anything that relied more heavily on the CPU was overrun with stutters which really harmed gameplay. I'd reccomend getting a 2600 as they're only a couple dozen more at this point.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Windforce OC: This card performed well. Framerates in new games were around 100fps at high, when throttling was not an issue, and temperatures were acceptable at 73 degrees max.

Meshify C Mini: I'm running two case fans and after 6 months the insides were fairly dusty, despite the surrounding environment being very clean. I would recommend running an additional front fan to create a positive pressure and reduce dust. The case looks great and I love the large intake grill on the front. The top case USB ports are a little stiff and the power button is still a little weird looking to me, but I keep it horizontal on my desk with the dark glass facing forward and its sleek and discrete.

CXM 550 PSU: I have to say I'm not the best at cable management, but having a semi modular power supply was a nice feature for the build and kept things neat. The cables that were provided are simple and black and look nice and neat in the black case. After spending a lot of time beside this unit I wish it were less noisy, its by far the most noticeable fan noise in my build.

Part Reviews


I bought this largely due to the exceptional community praise and great value. After 8 months with the APU I was less than impressed and suffered frequent stutters and lower frame-rates than expected. I replaced the 2200G with a 2600 and it was a great improvement.

It's still a great value, but if you want to be more future-proof and intend on playing newer games I would recommend something better.


Works well for what is a basic mATX motherboard. I didn't like the looks at first and I'm still a little back and forth with it. The PCI slots are placed... interestingly. The M.2 slot can be used at full speed as long as Sata 5/6 (on the right side beneath the 24 pin) are not used. There's only three fan headers (CPU, Case 1, Case 2) so you'll have to use some splitters if you want more airflow. The BIOS is pretty nice and provides easy to use controls for fan speed.

The IO shield is a total mess on this Mobo, please be careful with the pins. They are designed to touch the outsides of the port connectors and easily end up getting squished between the shield and the ports if you're not too careful.


Looks nice and works exactly as expected.

Video Card

Great little workhorse GPU. I am playing most new games on high settings at 1080p and pulling anywhere from > 60 fps to 120 fps depending on the title. The fans do not spin at low temps which is a nice feature. At load the temps usually hover around 70 C and the highest I've ever seen is 75 C. The fans can be a little bit noisy at high speed, of course, but it's rare I ever notice them too much.

VRAM is regularly maxed out or at least close to it. If you can afford it I'd recommend either it's 6GB brother or an RX580 to remain relevant for the next couple of years.


Great form factor. The case looks very nice without any RGB, but I'm sure it would look with as well. Many dust filters to keep things clean. Stock fans are a little bit noisy at low speeds even, but it's acceptable. Thumb screws are a little bit tedious if you end up taking the glass off more than once on a day if you're doing any upgrades or cleaning. Airflow is good, I would recommend picking up two more 120mm or 140mm fans to keep things quiet.

Overall I love the small desktop footprint and it looks great on my desk, even without any lights in the case.

Power Supply

After about a year with this PSU it has served me well, however it is a little bit on the noisy side. There is no fanless mode so at idle my CPU and GPU are quiet, yet my CXM550 continues to whirr at a noticeable volume. If I had known this beforehand I would have opted for a quieter unit.

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Nice Build. Great Picture

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Recommend you should upgrade your cpu intel 5 or ryzen 5

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It's in the description