This is Snow-Storm. Here is the first PC I've ever built and my first gaming PC.

Part Reviews


Runs fast and is great for gaming.

CPU Cooler

Does the job fine. I wish I went with a better air coooler or a watercooler. It also goes good with my white color scheme. Would recommend if you were doing a mini itx build or a white build.


Looks amazing. I love the lighting on it, it really goes well with my 780t. Would recommend to anybody


Great ram. Probably would've been better off with 16gbs of ram.


Has a lot space. Boots kinda slow sometimes. Will be putting in a Solid State drive in soon.

Video Card

I love the color of it it goes great with my build. Got it before the whole cryptomining phase. It also came with rocket league. Does the job just fine.


Great case. Was easy to work in. Has a lot of space. One issue with it is trying to do cable management in it but otherwise its a great case and would recommend to anybody.

Power Supply

Does the job. Wish I got a 600 watt power supply with black cables instead of mustard and ketchup cables. I guess i would recommend

Optical Drive

I know you don't need these anymore but I just put one in to install windows.

Wireless Network Adapter

I use ethernet now but just put one in just in case. Its fast and doesn't lag.


Just some old monitor i had lying around (not sure if this is the exact monitor I'm using).


Works great sounds close to a mechanical keyboard and I like the RGB is cool. Would recommend.


Works great I like the option to be able to change the grip on the side. Only issue is that it requires the Corsair lighting software use the RGB and the last time is downloaded that it gave my PC a blue screen of death and kept on disconnecting my keyboard. Besides that its comfortable to use and would recommend it to anybody.


Sound is great. my grandma had a pair of Boise speakers she wasn't using and offered to give them to me. (I couldn't find the ones I had so i just choose the closest ones i could find). Would recommend.

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  • 20 months ago
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  • 19 months ago
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  • 15 months ago
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I will be putting in a new cpu cooler in soon

  • 4 months ago
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Since making this post I've upgraded the monitors and cpu cooler.

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  • 23 months ago
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It has RGB zones and thanks.