I built this system around 3 years ago and it's been rock solid eversince. I upgraded couple components during this time (I used to have a 980). I swapped the sound system, switched couple fans (because the ones that came with the case were making too much noise) and so on.

It's an overclocked system so the CPU is running at 4.5Ghz at 1.4v and GPU is clocked to 2050Mhz. CPU temp is below 80 degrees (c) on full load (because the case is more focused on sound dampening instead of airflow) and GPU doesn't exceed 75 degrees even when I'm gaming on VR or 4K.


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Ohh you play destiny? excited for shadowkeep? Nice rig. The setup looks super clean. Is your desk always this clean? because mine is chaos... Stuff for school everywhere.. I started out with a g4560 and a 1050 Ti.. made some upgrades since then too :D

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Thank you. I like to keep my desk clean. I have a self next to me so most of my stuff is there. Also yeah I play Destiny. I can't wait to check out Garden of Salvation