Everyday home PC for daily tasks and for the odd VM, etc. Some light Steam gaming. Bit of photo editing and the very occasional video editing.

Managed to pick up a AMD Wraith Spire (RGB version) very cheap, that was wrongly advertised as a Wraith Stealth.

Initially installed Win10 for testing and checking temps, etc. Updated to the latest BIOS version. Then did some simple benchmarking / stress testing with CineBench 15. This allowed me to see the difference with the RAM settings in the BIOS.

Then wiped Win10 and installed openSUSE Tumbleweed for its everyday use.Working well and everything is recognised and working fine in Linux land.

Part Reviews


I have been reading a lot about how good this CPU with integrated GPU was, so it seemed the logical choice for a home PC.


I wanted a B450 motherboard, but didn't want to get the cheapest of the cheap. Also I didn't want an old fashioned VGA connector as it is 2019. So this one seemed to fit the bill. Plus plenty of RAM slots, so if in the future I need to add more RAM I can.


I didn't want to build this with 2x4GB of RAM, but I didn't want to go with one 8GB stick, due to the integrated GPU. With the high prices of RAM at the moment, I decided to bite the bullet and build it from scratch with 2x8GB. Selecting XMP profile 2 in the BIOS made a big difference to my CineBench GPU score.


First time using a M.2 drive in a desktop, but it makes for a much cleaner build as no additional cabling is required for the SSD.


Not a fan of flashy lights and side windows, so choose this nice simple sleek fronted ThermalTake. Well made and no sharp edges. No possibility of fitting and optical drive to this case, but then again it is 2019. For the odd times that I might need a optical drive I will dig out a USB one. Also has non of the usual drive frame work behind the front panel, so making for a more minimalist and sleek build. Only 1 USB 3 port on the front out of the 3 USB ports, which is a bit poor in 2019.

Power Supply

I didn't need anything too overkill for my requirements, but I did want semi modular to keep the cabling to a minimum.

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  • 14 months ago
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Clean build. +1