Oh boy, where do I start.

About a year ago, I thought, "Hey! I should put an ssd in my laptop!" It was great, but after about 2 months of saving up for it, I learned about how easy and efficient it was to build a PC. I decided, "You know what? I'm just gonna build a gaming rig." Months of chores and research later, I've finally ended up with this work of art right here.

The whole time I was saving up for the rig, I was researching. I started out with a build idea that fit my budget, but was not good price/performance wise. It was an AMD FX with RX 460. I took it to the BeamNG forums, and they helped me alot. I now have an I3-6100, with an RX 460.

I got the parts from 2 stores, Newegg and Microcenter. The case came first from Newegg, then I picked up the CPU, MoBo, and HDD from Microcenter, then the day before I left to Thanksgiving with relatives, The RAM and PSU came. It was a rush to build it, but it runs really well.

CPU: I wanted something inexpensive and upgradeable, but still pack a punch. It was more than enough at first, but when I disabled hyperthreading, it really pushed the limits of a $100 chip.
MoBo: It had to be inexpensive and have upgradable options on it. This board was like the god of all inexpensive mother boards.
RAM: It has to be inexpensive and be only one stick of 8gb.
HDD: Inexpensive, reliable, >500gb.
Case: mATX, inexpensive, good airflow, looks nice.
PSU: Inexpensive, reliable, and good warranty.
GPU: Inexpensive, 1080p medium-high @ >30FPS.

It was very stressful, but not too hard (If you know how to read, of course) Sweat, blood, and tears later, I've got a working Custom-Built PC. (My dad did some of it, like connecting wires and the MoBo in)

A few problems arose, first was the fact that I had no Windows License. I'm getting buy without one, but it's definitely on the "to buy" list. The second was that I had no Internet adapter! A few days later, a power -to- ethernet adapter ships. The third was that I had no desk, chair, or monitor. Chair: Bed, Desk: Dresser, Monitor: Old TV. Must fix soon.

I named it 'Murica because it's red, white, and blue.
Red = RX 460 2GB and Keyboard/Mouse
White = Headphones
Blue = I3-6100

This was definitely a fun and different experience for me. It taught me alot, including how to plan, finance, and manage stress. I hope you find this part list useful!

34.809 Mbeams/s
50 FPS High
60 FPS Epic Overwatch
1600 FPS Novabench Graphics

12/29/16 Installed GPU
1/9/17 OCed GPU to 1280/7400Mhz
1/27/17 Set 2 OC modes:
1275/1875Mhz - Highest stable OC for gaming
1350/1900Mhz +6 mV - Highest stable OC (that I was willing to to) for 4k playback

Part Reviews


For $100, this thing really packs a punch! Even without a discrete GPU, the iGPU can really defy limits. Any sub-$600 build should include one of these :)


The cheapest LGA1151 MoBo out there, and it's really good for that price! The only cons I have to this MoBo is the back panel protector looks like crap. It's just a piece of steel. Other than that though, it's a really great MoBo :)


RAM is RAM, but this one is cheap AND fast :)


It works, and is a HUGE improvment from my old 500gb 5400RPM drive. It's no SSD, but price/performance is insane on this thing :)

Video Card

This card really exceeded my expectations! It plays every game I have at max settings 60FPS. I managed to OC it to 1275Mhz, and that gave it about 8-10 FPS more :)


Fits everything with ample cable management and even came with a TON of accessories. The only con is that the steel is easily pliable, it got bent within minutes for me :)

Power Supply

It's not effecient and it's not big, but it's cheap, reliable, and gets the job done nicely. Comes with a 3 year warranty too :)

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  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

Great first build. May your FPS be high and temperatures low. +1 :)

  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

Hey Nice Build! Great OC if your getting 6-10 more FPS!

+1 Great Budget Build

  • 41 months ago
  • 2 points

"Hey! I should put an ssd in my laptop!" It was great, but after about 2 months of saving up for it, I learned about how easy and efficient it was to build a PC.

Yeah laptops are definitely not worth the money for upgrading, I upgraded my laptop from 2GB-8GB and it barely made a difference

  • 40 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build. I came here from the BeamNG.Drive General computer talk/advice thread. I'm Minisnooken.

Anyway, your benchmarks are in 1080p, correct? If that is the case, then I'll probably be replacing the 1050 in my build with a 460, because 50 FPS on high is sick for the cost of a 460 IMO.

Unfortunately Australia's prices on basically all PC parts is ******** ;_;

+1. Helpful build.

  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh, I forgot to update it :P. I actually got an RX 460 2gb, and yes, the benchmarks are in 1080p.