This is an upgrade from a big prebuilt. Portability's important to me, so going mini itx in my new system was obvious. I don't have enough money to buy the RTX 2060 that I'm wanting to put in this, so I used the Radeon HD 6450 from the prebuilt since the I5-9400F doesn't have an IGPU. I also used the hard drive from the prebuilt to save money on storage. I didn't want to cheap out on parts and build something with a gpu for the same price, so not buying a graphics card now and buying it later seemed like a good idea. I tried to go as cheap as possible without loosing out on features, and I think it worked out. Whenever I get enough money for a gpu, I'll be able to game on my new portable rig. For now, I can use it to watch YouTube, search the web, and do things like that.

Update: After owning this over the summer, I have a few new things to say about this build. 1: the ram when i bought it was a good price, but is now not justified because there are faster sticks of ram around the same price. 2: This build was before Ryzen 3rd gen, but I don't regret going with the i5 9400f. If you compare this against a Ryzen 5 3600, when using anything but a 2080ti, its only a few single digit frames behind. If you use a 2080ti compared against these, the R5 3600 destroys the i5 9400f. I think this is a really underrated cpu. If your just gaming, planning on upgrading when both lga1151 and am4 are dead, and not using a 2080ti, this cpu is a good choice. 3: I wanted a rx 5700xt really bad, but I couldn't wait any longer and pulled the trigger on a rtx 2060 super. Its basically a rx 5700 with RTX and better cooling for $50 more. If your tired of waiting, its a good card. 4: GET AN SSD!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! And 5: If your wanting a super portable gaming machine like me, then the Core V1 probably isn't for you. Its a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and would probably be better for a htpc or similar. I'll probably be rebuilding this into the sg13 instead.

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Part Reviews


6 core cpu with better single core preformance than a ryzen 5 2600. Would recommend if you're ONLY gaming. If not, Ryzen's the way to go.


Itx board with lots of features. Hasn't broke on me (yet) so I'm happy with it.


Ram is ram. 16GB for only $67. Nothing much else to say.


This ssd changed my life for the better. I'm no longer waiting for the slow startup of a hdd. There's no reason not to get one.


For an HDD, it does its job. Not Blazing fast speeds, but what else do you expect from it.


For a mini itx case, it's really easy to work in. Included fan is a bonus.

Power Supply

For this cheap, its got everything you could ask for. Semi Modular, 80+ Bronze, 500W. Cables are also all black instead of yellow and red which is a plus.


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Sees HD 6450