Finally upgraded my old build:


Prioritizing smooth functioning in heavy music production, photo editing, multiple programs and browser tabs open.. I opted to build a powerful PC for my interests with a $2,000 USD budget.

I spent a couple months researching and keeping an eye out on sales, and felt these were my best options for what I had in mind. I originally had more RGB in this build via Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x8GB 3200 MHZ ram and Corsair LL RGB series 3-pack fans with lightning node pro (both purchased on sale). I returned these items as I felt I could use that extra money that was going towards RGB instead on more performance. I'm also part of that small minority that finds the color scheme of Noctua fans appealing.

Part Reviews


I7-9700k was a no brainer for my tasks, didn't feel the extra push to the 9900k worth it. Overclocked to 5.0GHz at 1.28v.

CPU Cooler

Originally used my H100i v2 from my old build, but I wasn't able to comfortably attach the panel without putting a whole bunch of pressure on the tubes. The H100i allows for more maneuverability with the tubing.


I simply felt this was the best Z390 Mini ITX board on the market. Vram much?


Elected to go the 32GB route so I don't have to worry about upgrading later (only two ram slots!), plus I have tons of chrome tabs/programs open at a time.


Recycled from my old build (this is actually on it's 4th build!).


boasting very quick reading/writing speeds! Fairly priced too.

Video Card

Oh this one was fun; most of my decision was factored upon sales. I was set on either the 2070 super, 5700 XT, or the 2080. I wanted to eventually upgrade to a 1440p 144hz monitor (currently using 1080p 144hz). In the month scanning for a video card, I was using my old 1050 ti. I nearly bought a 1070 ti on EVGA's midweek madness for $250, but felt I should try to squeeze a bit more power out of my budget. 2070 super's didn't fluctuate much in price, and I hesitated on the 5700 XT because of driver issues. Plus I wanted to use the GeForce built in screen recorder. A 2080 finally popped up on a Amazon Warehouse 20% off sale.. I've never had a bad experience with returns with Amazon so I felt I was pretty safe if anything was wrong. It's been amazing so far!


Wanted to go even smaller from my previous microATX build in an Inwin 301. Got this on sale via Newegg. Ordered the aluminum side panels a couple days later ($56.86 shipped). I use the aluminum panel on the motherboard side (it faces my bed anyway), and the glass panel on the GPU side towards me when I'm using the computer. I don't use the front panel USB headers, so I removed those with the cable (less cables woo!). I plan on putting a little 40mm noctua fan blowing towards the GPU later pending on cooling. Also, that power button feels sooooo cheap! Will definitely replace that as soon as I can find details on how to go about doing that.

Power Supply

Wanted SF, 600+ watts, and corsair. I have quite a bit of Corsair items and wanted to keep it that day. 750W version comes with SF adapter bracket and the fan doesn't kick on til 300w.. sweet!

Case Fan

I felt these were my best option in trying to get the best airflow possible in this case. Almost went with the slim 12x15 version.

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That's a nice and compact build.