I originally built this in May of 2018 (That's why it is only 1st Gen Ryzen rather than 2nd Gen) but there was still room for improvement. I started of by using a cheap CoolerMaster PSU that was only 80+ White and the stock AMD Wraith cooler. While it was good and was able to appropriately cool my CPU up to 3.7 GHz, I felt that I could save up some spare cash for a while longer and get a better PSU and AIO.

Now fast forward to September. I have ordered and received a be quiet! Silent Loop 240 and the be quiet! Straight Power 11. I put together the build, power it on and hey presto it works.

After a quick CPU overclock of 4.0 GHz I head into the benching folder and open up Cinebench R15. I get a decent score of 1300 with thermals at around the 60 mark.

Part Reviews


Very sexy motherboard. Nice lighting and very easy to use UEFI BIOS. Loads of connectivity, even USB 3.1 Type-C. Aura is a pain to get working but once it is it is very good.

Video Card

Great AIB GPU. Easy to get drivers for. Aura once again is hard to get running but once working it is adequate.


Overall it is a great case but the small things wrong with this case bother me, the gap between the GPU and front intake is too small, the fans don't fit to the outside of the frame between the metal and the front dust cover and if I want to use 3 fans for front intake I have to take out the large PSU shroud cutout that exposes too much of the underside if removed.


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Looking very good! +1. Does the radiator fit infront of the case with the long card ? Or would it cause issues ?

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And to answer your question. No, sadly the card is a little to long (the case is also a bit shorter than most).

If you are planning to get this case with the same card and an AIO then place the AIO in the top.