Finally upgraded from an FX 8350, RX 550, and a god-awful, outdated mobo to better, DDR4 parts. You can see my previous build here:

I use this PC mainly for online work, gaming, and music/video streaming. Pretty typical stuff.

The only issues I've encountered with my second build were: 1.) 500 GB SSD from previous build apparently is dead. Tried and failed for 27 hours straight to get an OS on it. 2.) Can't figure out for the life of me how to get the Wraith Prism cooler to be controllable with Aura Sync, or Coolermaster's RGB program. 3.) May consider getting a case with more space and even better cable management someday, as I had some issues running everything as neatly as I would have liked this time around.

Except my finicky CPU cooler lighting (which apparently a lot of people had issues with in trying to get them to sync), everything has worked phenomenally. I no longer have any of the issues I had with my first build.

P.S. I don't know if I'm just blind or what, but I swear I only have one cable running out of my cooler. Nothing else was included. I'm mentioning this, because I've seen quite a few people suggest to plug in one of the cables into the RGB header closest to the CPU. I also don't feel any additional ports on my cooler for other cables to even be plugged in to, assuming I had other cables. If anyone has more info on that subject, that'd be amazing. I'll keep scrounging the internet in the mean time.

Part Reviews


Little bit of a learning curve regarding the Wraith Prism's RGB lighting. I assumed it'd be easily discovered by Aura Sync, but it's not. Coolermaster's program for the cooler isn't doing the trick either. Still a bit confused as to how to get the lighting to work with all of my other RGB components, but it's a very strong CPU nonetheless. It's light years faster than my FX 8350 was. Would HIGHLY recommend.


Awesome mobo. Miles ahead of my previous Asus one, which was completely outdated and definitely only a budget board. I've had no issues with the CMOS like I previously did, and also no issues with recognizing/remembering my boot drive upon start up. Definitely a quality purchase and I'd recommend it to anyone who is willing to buy a worthy board for their build.


Very fast, great RAM. Plus, it's got to be one of, if not the most, prettiest RAM modules on the market. Very high quality RGB lighting that's compatible with Aura Sync.


Using it as a boot drive and it's living up to my expectations, actually. I was weary, due to the price, but it's looking like it was a good deal.

Update Oct 2019: Incredible deal. I've had a fast BIOS/boot time and have yet to experience any issues.


I'm using this for game storage and it's very fast and reliable.


One of these seemingly died on me after using it as a boot drive in my last build, which was a stupid decision on my part, admittedly. I'm using the half dead drive as an extra redundancy in my collection of backup drives now. My second is being used for large programs that I don't run too often. That being said, it's very sturdy if you don't through an excessive amount of data at it.

Update October 2019: The drive I decided to use as a hardware backup option for me is running incredibly strong. I've seen no issues with it! Very pleased, but still slightly unsure what the hiccup I experienced a year or so ago was. Regardless, would strongly recommend this drive for those who desire a HDD.

Video Card

Fantastic. It can easily run my games on ultra, which I was very surprised by, as my old card was the RX 550, so I'm kind of used to crap. The RGB is limited to the little Aorus logo on the front of the GPU, but at least it has something.


I've yet to have a single airflow complaint regarding this case. My only issue is, with a standard ATX motherboard and two SSDs mounted with the provided brackets, it gets insanely cramped near the PSU/HDD shroud at the bottom of the case when trying to run cables.

Power Supply

It's held up strong for about two years now. It's quieter than my CPU cooler, actually. No complaints here.

Operating System

It's Windows. Lol.


It looks good. Haven't noticed any visible issues in the three years I've had it. I'm happy with the price I paid for it.

Update Oct 2019: Loved it so much I bought another. 10/10 for value.


Could do with macro keys, but I got it for free so I can't complain much. Love the palm rest on it and thought I would despise the normal-sized space bar after having lived with the Steelseries Apex keyboard for many years, but apparently anyone can revert just fine. The RGB is fantastic with the Strafe and is what any Corsair fan would expect. I would recommend this keyboard if you can live without macro keys.


Excellent. I LOVE the option to add/remove the weights on this mouse. I'm a claw gripper (sounds odd) and this has been the only mouse that I've really felt comfortable using on a daily basis. The RGB is great, the thumb rest is comfortable, and it has two macros I can use when I'm annoying people in Azeroth. Awesome.


I have the older version of these, I believe, but I do enjoy them quite a bit. I'm honestly fine with the sound quality, even though a lot of complaints were being thrown around about them. I used to use them as music headphones for a long while as well. The mic quality isn't horrendous nor is it beautiful, but that's yet another thing I don't really mind. It's a good headset, but I think I would upgrade to the latest PC-oriented Astro set if I were to purchase another of these.


Beautiful sound quality. I got mine for $80 two years back and they're as good as new still.

Update Oct 2019: Going on a little over three years with these bad boys and I still love them. I'd HIGHLY recommend a pair. Might seem crazy due to the price, but I am very picky about audio quality and find myself nothing but completely satisfied by these. If you're a bass head, the bass is fairly decent at full crank, although it's not going to match a sound bar or an actual subwoofer (which should be obvious considering they're pretty small speakers). There aren't any pre-amp outs on these, but I'm sure you could figure out a workaround... if you so desired.

Pro tip (since I didn't mention this in my original review): there is a black mesh cover that comes with these speakers if you're not into the yellow. That makes them a whole lot more enjoyable for me, personally, as my setup is mainly black.


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Thanks, man.

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nice build!

you should get a k95 platinum for the mechanical switches

and of course, a new mouse

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Yeah, this mouse is trash, but at least I didn't spend too much on it. I'm having trouble finding a claw grip one, otherwise I'd toss this out immediately. I also agree about the keyboard lol

Thank you!

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I have the Corsair Harpoon and a K70 with MX Browns, both of which I would recommend to you. The mouse is $30 and the keyboard has a new version which has gone on sale for $100.

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Oh, wow. I actually kind of like them. And the only difference I can see between the K95 and the K70 is that little row of macros. Wow. Thanks for the suggestion. I put them in my Amazon wish list.

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I would get an GPU backplate.

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I might. It'd definitely look a lot cleaner.