Hello friends.

First build here - decided to invest a good bit to future proof this thing a bit. Went from playing on a laptop with a 660M Nvidia GPU. Decided that's what was deterring me from trying new games - didn't think it could handle many intensive games at good settings, which is what I was looking for. So, I went a bit wild and made sure I could play any game at max settings!

Will add images later today!

Part Reviews


6-Core, managed an insane stable OC of 4.7 @ 1.3v! Awesome performance. Not to mention picked this up at microcenter for $319. No brainer.

CPU Cooler

Good temps, super quiet (only experienced coil whine once while major stress testing). Got a good deal @ $120 on it. OC the CPU quite a bit so this is a nice addition.


Tons of features, really wanted Bluetooth and WiFi so I got this over the X99-A. Deluxe doesn't offer me anything I would need in addition so this was perfect. Super sturdy, Q-Codes are awesome.


Got these low-profile because I thought I'd need the space. Turns out I didn't but... RAM is RAM, nothing really to see here.


Awesome for the price, got the OS and a few go-to games (WoW) on here. No real explanation needed.


Long warranty, fast, nothing really to explain.

Video Card

Just simply a beast. Probably won't use half the features on this thing but I wanted the best so ... I got the best. OC right out of the box is 22%. Haven't manually OC'd yet but I will post results once I get to it.

This thing will also likely kill someone if you throw it at them. Super sturdy, huge, simply awesome if you can fit it in your case.


First of all, mammoth of a case. Ton of features and space to work with.

Edit: I have rewired the fans to only read off the mobo and not the front controller provided on the case. Kind of renders this part useless but still no complaints.

Optical Drive

Just to install OS

Operating System

Well.. need an OS.

Case Fan

Super super quiet, nice cooling.

Case Fan

Also super quiet and nice exhaust in the rear.


Great bang for your buck.

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  • 51 months ago
  • 3 points

Ahahah! I agree on the matrix being a thrown weapon of mass destruction.

I was suprised at the sturdiness and weight of mine too.

I noticed it does not sag though which is a good thing!

  • 51 months ago
  • 1 point

seriously, it's a brick of power! But it just feels so right! lol.

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

Wow. 1000w power supply. Are you going 3 way sli or something? :P