This is my first build, its all AMD. I mainly use it to play games but do watch videos on it here and there. I'm actually typing this from it. It was a great upgrade from a Macbook Pro from early 2015. Its specs were a Core i5 (dual-core, quad-thread), 8GB of 2600 Mhz DDR3 ram, 128 GB of SSD storage, and integrated graphics. Everything is great, the case is roomy, but lacks a PSU shroud, but you may like that. I did have an issue with the PSU, it's CPU 8-pin connector was messed up and is half-plugged in. Luckily I am using a very light CPU which doesn't draw much power.

Part Reviews


Very good CPU for it's price point, and if I ever have a GPU issue it has very decent integrated graphics (Vega 8)!


A good amount of I/O and even integrated WiFi which has worked very well! It can power my 2200G very well.


Nothing wrong with it, works well, lots of memory. But otherwise, rams ram.


Very great SSD, has high Download and Upload speed. 500GB is a decent amount of storage but you may run into issues.

Video Card

Incredible performance for its very low $140 price tag! I can run Prey at 75 FPS consistently (with a few drops to 60 here and there) on high preset.


Case is very roomy and the fans look great! It's doesn't have a PSU shroud but that may not matter if your good at cable management. It seems to have an issue with it's thumb screw on the top on the glass panel side. It won't stay in so the side panel hangs off a bit on top.

Power Supply

Haven't had issues so far with it, however its 8-pin CPU plug was messed up and only half of it can plug in, which made me think my computer was broken because it wouldn't post at first.


Awesome, absolutely awesome. It's very good and has an option for 75hz and has Freesync. Sometimes you can see pixelation in dark areas or on shadows in videos or silhouettes though. Edit: After a month of use the speakers cut out, can't hear audio through them anymore, can't play on my PS3 because of that. Dropping the review 2 stars.


Has a great clicky feel to it. The media keys work great and the Windows key lock and brightness button are very welcomed additions!


Mouse looks great, feels great, and works great. What more is there to say?


Microphone and headphone audio are good for it's pricepoint and will make sure I can hear things well, and make sure my teammates don't despise me for bad mic quality!


Speakers sound great and look good too, but I'm never been much of an audiophile so they may not seem as good to you.

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