Since I was a little kid, I've wanted to build my own computer. I've rebuilt old systems using parts from OEM systems, but this was the first time I actually had the chance to buy my own parts and put everything together.

This system is a basic Ryzen 3 2200G build. I went with the Ryzen 3 due to the price and the fact that I don't need to buy a GPU at the moment. I'm working with a small budget, but wanted a decent machine with a lot of room for upgrades. The system works great and handles everything I've tried with ease. Basic photo editing works well, it streams everything I want without any hiccups, and it's solid at playing games due to the APU. Also, I plan on using this for my photography work flow and basic video editing. It already handles photography well and I know it'll be more than capable after a few small upgrades. At this point, my mid 2014 MacBook Pro can still handle most of my basic tasks... but I look at this computer build as something to have fun with.

I think I caught some solid deals and I had some Amazon gift card credit left, so in total, I spent about $180 for this system. I was eying a new Apple TV, but I decided against that because I could build an entire (working) computer for the basically the same price.

I added some cheap RGB LED lights to the case for about $10, but didn't list them in the part list. They work well with the Asus Aura features on the motherboard. I didn't have any expectations for them, but they give me the color I wanted to play around with.

I can get free Microsoft Office/Windows 10 key through the college I work for, so that's always nice to have.

I already had the Asus monitor, so that didn't add anything to the cost either.

In all, I'm so excited to use this machine and I'm already planning the upgrades that I want to go with!

Thanks for checking this out!

Part Reviews


For $59.99, this is an amazing CPU. It handles everything I want to do (for now) and the built in graphics made building this computer even easier (no need for a GPU to get the system to POST.) It stays cool in my system and the included fan is great as well.


Very solid motherboard! I found it easy to work with, but it was a bit awkward for me at times. It has enough ports for my needs and I like the subdued looks of it in my case. The Asus Aura features are also a very nice touch. I've had no issues with the motherboard other than some awkward ergonomics with the initial building with the case. The IO shield is frustrating! Make sure you push some of the metal pin things out before putting your board in the case, it'll cause you trouble when fitting it into place.


Great! Got the RAM to stock speeds with no issues. Amazing price. I'm so happy RAM prices have dropped.


So, I picked this up at Office Depot... I placed a pick up order for a 240 GB SSD and they accidentally gave me the 480 GB model. Needless to say, this mistake worked well in my favor. Drive is fast and Windows 10 boots almost instantly.


Solid case! I have no issues other than the PSU slot is very awkward. I got my PSU to fit, but it's an odd space to build into. It has fast ports and I like the window as well. No issues at all. Just don't press the power button too hard... feels a little weak and mushy at times lol.

Power Supply

For what it is, it's great. I have no issues at all. It's not modular, but it's still easy to handle. I was able to tuck the extra cables behind the motherboard panel and it's great. It's a tad bit messy, but I knew that going in... If you want modular, go with a modular PSU. For me, it serves my needs well.

Operating System

It's Windows 10. Y'all know all about it lol.


Solid monitor! Nice IPS display and colors look pretty decent as far as I can tell. Built in speakers aren't too bad, but I have an old sound bar hooked up to my monitor. I think I paid about $159 for this on sale from Amazon a few years back... I use my PS4/PS3 with this monitor as well. No issues there.

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  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

how did you get the ryzen 3 2200G for only 60? was it on sale

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Amazon had it on sale last week for $59.99!

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

How much fps in Minecraft?