Back story:This was my first ever build and may was it a good one.  There where a lot of things that I didn't expect to happen that did, like cable management being so hard.  I had been saving for this build and planning it since before Christmas, and when I finally had enough money I couldn't wait to purchase all of the parts and get building.  Once all of the parts came in I sat down on a Tuesday night and just started to build it like I have seen a computer built in hundreds of other videos, and it was quite different from what I expected.  The first thing that shocked me was the fact that computer parts are heavier than I expected.  Second is that it takes a really long time for your first time.
           About the build:The main hope for this build was to have a system that can run Esports titles, like CSGO, be on the budget side, and look ascetically pleasing.   I will be running all of the games in 1080p so this system should have no problems running CS at 60+ frames.

Part Reviews


Extremely good budget processor. To be honest you should almost never buy an I3, all you need to buy is this than maybe upgrade to an overclock-able I5 later down the road. Gets the job done well and would definitely recommenced.

CPU Cooler

Great CPU cooler for my Pentium processor, bought it more for looks and less for cooling but it gets the job done.


This is a very good motherboard, because not only is it 10-15 dollars more than an entry level b250 board but it is also ascetically pleasing.


Good priced ram that gets the job done and also fits my color scheme so its great would recommend.


Its not the fastest storage and I will be looking to add an ssd for quicker storage down the line but it gets the job done.

Video Card

Great budget card for running Esports titles at 1080p 60+fps. Would definitely recommend.


To be honest I am extremely dissapointed in this case. The only reason why it is getting three stars is because of the looks and it has good places for cable management. Everything else is complete crap. The thumb screws on the back are terrible, along with the holes that they are drilled into. And half of the preinstalled standoffs where missing. All in all if you dont mind some of these small pains it might not be half bad for you.

Power Supply

Great cheap fully modular power supply, but some cables are still attached to each other (24 pin power and *8pin) but still for the price it is pretty good.

Case Fan

Nice looking fans, run a little loud but I don't mind the noise because I wear headphones.

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Nice, I'm thinking of building something like this!