My friends and I were discussing building a PC focused around gaming for the past year whilst we were saving. Eventually, I had the money to buy all the parts that I needed and ordered them over the weekend. I ordered the parts last Sunday, and the final part (my case) came on Tuesday, but I waited until Friday to build because I had plenty of time.

You may also be wondering about the name: Tau Manifesto? Well there is a simple explanation for that. I was handed a name badge, which had shown my name to be Tau, which is completely incorrect, and now that has become a private meme between my friends and I. As for the Manifesto part, go search it up on the internet.

Game Benchmarks:

Apex Legends: 60fps max settings, v-sync triple buffered

CS:GO: 200-250fps max settings, v-sync on

War Thunder: 150-200fps max settings, v-sync off

Future upgrades: NZXT H500 Ryzen 3600/3600x RTX 2070/2070 Super Larger Capacity SSD 2nd Monitor

Feel free to comment, ask a question or criticise the build.

Part Reviews


This CPU fell neatly into my budget as the Ryzen 3000 series processors came out. I will likely upgrade to the 3600 around Christmas this year but this is a very robust processor for the time being. No problems whilst installing or using it so far (fingers crossed).


I chose this mobo because the m-atx variant was £3 cheaper at the time of purchasing so I decided to splash out on an ATX motherboard. 4 DIMM slots are ideal for me if I decide to run quad channel memory but for now 2x8gb sticks are perfect. BIOS was very easy to navigate and to put a mild overclock on the CPU and RAM. Only issue was the fact that the guides on the io shield are actually quite sharp and I ended up cutting my finger. Won’t revoke a star for that though.


RAM is RAM I guess but I specifically picked out these sticks because of the heatspreaders and the speed for the price. I did encounter an issue where task manager showed that they were running at 1497mhz but the bios showed it was 3200mhz. However, I think that was task manager being stupid after researching it.


In my opinion, an NVMe SSD for £30 is a steal, although it is 120gb. However, I’m only using it as a boot drive and to put 1 or 2 of my favourite games on it. Looks nice. Nothing else to say really.


I ordered the 2 TB version of the BarraCuda series because it will ensure I will have plenty of storage for games, apps and anything else I decide to store. Made sure it was the 7200rpm model so it would be respectively fast but it’s nothing flashy.

Video Card

Glad to see that MSI has finally removed the red accents on the front of their cards, although there are still some here and there. The front looks very nice with a neutral grey and the side has grey heat pipes and a small rgb panel. There are also rgb accents on the front which breathe some life into the card itself. I am very fortunate for the backplate and the fact that the fans only spin when the card is under load. Very easy to overclock with MSI afterburner.


I have mixed opinions on this case. I like the red grilles at the front, the tempered glass side panel, the fact it comes with 2 fans and the amount of drives I can put into it. However there is no power supply shroud, there is an optical drive bay which I will never use, an excess amount of drive bays and the words ‘Made in China’ on the back. Also there is no way to mount fans on the top I believe. If I had more budget I would have gone with an NZXT h500.


Well made power supply except that the cables are not very long and in larger cases will not be able to reach the desired location. There are also many excess cables (because it is not modular). I will purchase some cable extensions soon to hide the hideous cables but for now that is all I could do.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

This is a pretty good build overall, and I think the only thing holding it back in the aesthetics department is the case...the H510/H500 for $10 more would have improved this build significantly. +1

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah I actually was going to do that until saw a good deal on a 2tb hard drive and some faster ram. Didn’t realise how cheaply made the case I did choose was going to be, as the photos online mask a lot of it. Wouldn’t recommend. I think the psu shroud and general aesthetics of the h500 would have come in nicely.