This is a build I did for a good friend of mine. It’s currently on its third iteration. The original build was completed over two years ago with an i5-4690K and an AMD R7 270. At the time he only gamed on PlayStation and just needed a system capable of streaming his console play. After a while he got more into PC gaming and decided to upgrade the GPU and added the SSD as well. I sold him my old R9 390 for a pretty good price at the time. Finally, in this most recent upgrade we decided a better CPU was necessary for simultaneously streaming and gaming on the same system. We decided to give Ryzen a try and so far it’s been quite a success.

Part Reviews


Great processor for heavy multitaskers that won’t totally break the bank. Performers just as good as the high priced 1700x and 1800x once overclocked.

CPU Cooler

Honestly this is just okay. Not much better than a standard tower air cooler and the stock fans are quite loud if not tuned right. The only reason I bought this was because it was mislabeled in the store so I managed to pay just $15 for it.


Great board. Looks fantastic and was just the right price. Gigabyte makes some rock solid boards and is constantly pushing bios updates to get the best out of the Ryzen processors.


It’s RAM and it does it’s job. Managed to get this kit before the prices skyrocketed too high. I actually have the 3000MHz kit, but I didn’t seem to find it here on PCPP.


Not the fastest SSD on the market, but it is a vast improvement over the slow HDD that was in the system before. Just enough space for the OS and some key system files.


It’s slow and sometimes loud, but it provides mass storage and was free on account of the fact that I ripped it out of an old prebuilt.

Video Card

Still a capable card if you can find it for the right price. Runs most all games at 1080p ultra. It may be power hungry and run a little hot, but I won’t upgrade until I upgrade to 4K monitors.


Hands down the best case under $100. A dream to work in and looks absolutely stunning. I’ve worked with the Enthoo Evolv TG before so I see where phanteks cut their corners with this one, however they did so in exactly the right places and managed to put together an amazing product here. Highly recommended.

Power Supply

Gives the system power and it most likely won’t blow up. Win win. My only problem with this PSU is that even though it’s semi-modular it doesn’t really need to be. I believe I have all the modular cables plugged in.

Operating System

Honestly, what else is there?

Case Fan

They are blue and they spin. No PWM control though.

Case Fan

They are blue and they spin. No PWM control though.


Best way to add a clean and custom look to and build. This set comes with cable combs and just makes the whole build look finished.

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Its not that small

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small but cool

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