Ever since Summer 2016, I got an interest in PC building and gaming when one of my floormates in college. I finally got into looking into different parts/builds/companies/Youtubers/etc. in the Summer of 2017. By December, I had planned out my desired PC build I wanted to have and build. Starting with Christmas, I began buying parts whenever I found a good bargain. I started with the peripherals for Christmas because I was certain of those and the deals fit the budget my parents set for me. Between January and May, I have been waiting and watching until I could find a deal on a part I wanted. I got all my parts by June 2018 and had it paid off as my graduation present. Naturally I plan on using this build for PC gaming primarily, but if I get back into research now that I'm back home, I may use the power for data analysis (though I understand something with more cores [Ryzen 2 2700X] would be better suited for that sort of task. Overall I am very happy with the build. I put in some work for cable management ... but it was my first build and for the life of me I could not handle all the cables that were the result of all my fans. Thankfully the cable shroud in the Corsair 570X helped me cover up many wires to make it look cleaner in the back (which I have avoided showing as it is still messy in the back).

Part Reviews


Amazing for gaming, though it runs very hot even with a 360 mm water cooling radiator.

CPU Cooler

Provides great cooling, easy to install, and looks amazing with the LL120 fans installed.


Great board with great looks. Was a challenge to get the board to match with its shield. Overall the most difficult part of my build was installing the motherboard.


These are my favorite RGB RAM. They perform well and they don't have too much RGB.


It's great for fast boots and loading games quickly.


It holds a lot and loads games surprisingly quickly.

Video Card

This is easily the most aesthetically pleasing graphics card on the market at this moment. I could have afforded a GTX 1080, but this card looks amazing and I overclocked it anyways for boosted performance to perform better than my friend's GTX 1080.


Amazing case with great cable management help. Lots of space to make it easy to work inside the case and in the back of the case. All the room allowed me to use a push-pull configuration on my radiator.

Power Supply

Thanks to being fully modular, it allowed me to decrease the amount of wires needed in my build, making my pseudo cable management much easier.

Operating System

Good price and it hasn't given me too many problems yet.

Case Fan

Looks amazing and aren't very loud, yet provide noticeably extra cooling.

Case Fan

Looks amazing and aren't very loud, yet provide noticeably extra cooling. It came with a lot in the box to ensure the fans could be used appropriately.


Amazing monitor. The size is great, not too big or small. The picture quality is amazing, and with color calibration tips online, the colors look great! I cannot compare to an IPS as I have never seen one, though.


A great keyboard with an amazing feel. Came with extra key caps for Q,W,E,R,A,S,D in a silver/grey coloring that feel great. I personally only used the WASD. It came with a tool to remove the caps easily.


Perfect mouse for my large hands. I enjoy the magnetic side replacement as it made switching the sides very easy.


I cannot use any other headphones anymore. These fit exactly right for my head and do not squeeze my ears. I have already spent 8 hours with them on and my head and ears felt perfectly fine.


Very large mousepad, larger than I expected. The lights are subtle, yet add extra flavor to the desk.


This is an absolute must if using the LL120 fans. Its ability to control the fans so well in the Corsair ICue software makes a huge difference.


The extra, subtle RGB provided helps make the build all that much better, plus it's convenient for charging my headphones.

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  • 21 months ago
  • 4 points

Sponsored by Corsair! Nice Build.

  • 21 months ago
  • 3 points

Might I ask why your front fans are backwards? Everything is set up as exhaust with zero intake fans.

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

I have a push-pull configuration in the front! For some reason my LL120 fans wouldn't cooperate, so I reinstalled my ML120 fans that came with the H150i Pro for the front, while putting the LL120 fans in the back.

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build, I’m planning something similar right now. Question, any issues installing Win 10 on the 960 evo? Or did you just plug the usual ISO on the USB in? Reason I ask is that it’s the only step in my build I am unsure of, and I’m wondering if the bios on the Asus z370-e needs to be updated first, or if a UEFI boot drive USB is needed. Any insight you have would be great. Sweet build otherwise!

  • 20 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you! I had no issues. I personally set up my USB using Windows Media Creation Tool and formatted it to FAT32. I simply plugged the USB in and it went straight to Windows installation. I did not need to update the BIOS!