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I thought of the name because I would have hoped that they had called this the Storm Trooper, then I could call it the computer that is never expected to, but will always hit the mark. However, they called it the Storm Stryker. The only video game character that came to mind that wore black and white and was on s strike team was Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2. I built this off of an older build I saw and upgraded a couple parts and used others for financial reasons, however, I know that this build will do great for what it's got inside of it. I will use this mainly for gaming and personal LAN parties, everything in this list worked perfectly well and I never had a single problem besides from bent CPU pins on my motherboard and the dimensions on the website I purchased the Optical Drive were wrong so it doesn't fit as snug as I want it to but it does what it needs to. Asus also got back to me very quickly and I had my motherboard ready to use in less than five days.

Part Reviews


This CPU is pricey I know, however, it is a GREAT and FANTASTIC processor. The hyper-threading Intel did for this CPU is phenomenal, it can handle just about anything. If you plan on using this CPU under heavy load, for me it stays around 60ºC and idle it'll stay around 20-24ºC. Perfect for any new and incoming PC gamers.

CPU Cooler

MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS. Only order this CPU cooler if you have an CPU_OPT or a CPU_FAN2 port on your motherboard. Unlike Corsairs header where it makes all the voltage run through the CPU_FAN port, Deepcool decided to be smart and not overload the port. The two fans run off a controller that plug into the optional port, and the pump itself runs with the CPU fan port. The cooler is fantastic for the price, you can get it on Newegg for $90, I'm not sure why partpicker doesn't show that, but it keeps my CPU well under 30 degrees Celsius but high enough to avoid condensation. Works very well under pressure and I've been able to game for hours and it's able to keep it under control. Highly recommended!

Thermal Compound

There isn't much to say besides that this is just the best Thermal Compound I've ever used and I would never switch again, I have a box of all the other tubes that companies send, and I will never use them. Use this and you'll never have a problem!


This motherboard was the best at the time, I used Elite Gaming Computers, Pegasus build as a reference for a good motherboard for the i7-4790K. The Wi-Fi capabilities and the bluetooth are fantastic, they stretch super far and when I had a crappy ethernet cable, it really helped me out. Definitely would recommend this to whoever wants to use an LGA 1150 CPU, top of the line, top quality. The only reason I'm giving it four stars is that it had bent CPU pins when I received it, ASUS was super quick to resolve the problem and I got it back in less than 5 days.


I use Crucial for everything, any laptop I've built and any desktop I've upgraded, never have I gotten a problem with that. This particular set is from they're Ballistix series and I've only heard good things, but I never knew how good until I had them in the computer, super fast, coupled with an awesome CPU they can really make a difference even on low CPU core clocks.


Unfortunately, I had a Samsung 850 EVO in this build before. It was wonderful, but my dog bumped the case once, and the SSD was gone. This one I installed and I have used it for a few months before reviewing. I had the 'dog test' put into effect as the computer was on. The SSD ran perfectly fine, and this costed a lot less at the time. It's been running for 8 months strong and it always boots up my computer in seconds.


I got this for free from my company, they were tearing apart old computers and I came across this black drive. I was super interested in why it was used in a desktop machine that was only being used for accounting work. However, I was allowed to take it home and stick it in this PC for more space, and more speed. I absolutely love it! Totally believe it's worth $70.

Video Card

I saved up for this card and heard it was absolutely amazing from several of my friends. The 1080 at the time really wasn't worth the money for a .25GHz speed difference if they both could handle 4K and VR, had the same amount of VRAM etc. All in all, this card runs like a champ, if you're not looking to spend a buttload but want a card that can easily run 4K and VR? This is your choice.


When I was looking at cases I knew ABSOLUTELY SQUAT. However I saw this case, immediately loved it and bought it that same day. Still confused as to why Cooler Master didn't call this the Storm Trooper, and the other black one the Storm Stryker, but that's besides the point. 2X USB 3.0's, 2X USB 2.0's, ESATA port, Reset Button, 6 Speed Fan Controls, & Interior lighting toggle switch. The case itself also comes with 3X 120mm fans, and 1X 200mm interior fan. It's a full tower so it is quite big, and I didn't know until I got it, but it can fit tons of components and some of the biggest motherboards. I fully recommend this to anyone wanting a great and not to mention tough Full Tower case.

Power Supply

It's a 80+Bronze certification, from my image going in this was the cheapest at the time to buy, had never heard of SeaSonic, now I love them. They help out all the time, sent all cables, and tons of information, customer service is also very reliable. 850W is more than enough for what I do, I'm not even touching 400W in this build, I have it teamed with a surge protector so I know it's always safe. Never want to lose this.

Operating System

I chose Pro over Home because I was told that you have a lot more access, a lot more security options, and a lot more to do with Windows. I'm going to get flak but I used to game on an Apple, never thought there was anything better until I bought myself a Windows 7 Asus ROG laptop, haven't been back ever since.


Honestly the price I got at the time ($235) seemed like a little much considering you could get an AOC which had a 2ms response time for nearly $100 less, however, I unboxed it, set it up, and IMMEDIATELY fell in complete love with it. You don't even need two screens with this monitor, one does the job perfectly. The base is elegant, the back is gloss, the screen itself is anti glare and it's 27" with an 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio. I will never question ASUS again.


I found this monitor at BestBuy with an Open Box savings deal. I had no idea if this monitor would be able to even fit on my desk. However, I made it work. I had the 1080p monitor for quite a while and needed an upgrade, this easily fit the bill. After running several games on it and just noticing the difference in FPS, the quality that the 1070 could truly offer, I immediately fell more in love with the monitor. Although it doesn't match up perfectly with my 1080 like my original Asus MX27AQ (which is no longer made) choice would have, I still think it's a pretty amazing monitor, totally think it would have been worth $400, easily.


Everything I have is Razer, there isn't one peripheral I have that isn't Razer I've been asked to try Steel Series and Corsair but they just don't cut what this does teamed with Razer's Synapse program it really helps out. THE KEYBOARD DOES CLICK, that is the only annoying bit, however these are the new "Razer Green" keys, honestly it feels like any Blue Key keyboard and that's what I love. For what I game with and even just typing on Microsoft Word, it's perfect and I love it, what Razer did with this keyboard was fantastic.


I do a lot of MMO gaming, I also play Garry's Mod and even in the Mass Effect series recently the simple buttons on the side of the mouse help for great quick actions. Laser mouse, super fast, super exact, never had a problem and it's Razer, the only problem is the price, I don't know why the competitors charge so much for less quality.


This was referred to me by my cousin who got this set refurbished from Best Buy, I went out, tested, and bought it brand new. I haven't had a problem, and now with the games that I could play the 5.1 is better than any stereo system. I highly recommend this, it's a cheap way to get the most out of gaming. I do strongly suggest however to keep the bass to a minimum, it's still a very powerful system.

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  • 48 months ago
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How is the video card? I was planning on this for a 860K, and was wondering how bottlenecks

  • 48 months ago
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For only being two kicks ***. I've played pretty tough games like Mad Max and Subnautica on 'Instanity' video settings and at most it kicks itself up to 50 degrees Celsius. Which is awesome for a video card that only cost me a little over $100. I love it, I believe I will be staying with Asus' STRIX Series or with EVGA. They're always the top. However, if you need a chart to help look for the best overall GPU's here's the link I use;,4388.html

The bottlenecks I'm not sure I understand.

Good luck! I'm sure it'll be fantastic whatever you decide.

  • 48 months ago
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Oh, i missed a few words in there. I was meant that I was sure just how bad of a bottle neck there would be, or wouldn't be.