This build was intended as a cost effective way to get some games on my living room TV. These included Kerbal Space Programme, Minecraft for my son, and to revisit some old titles that my laptop couldn't play too well.

Needless to say, feature creep set in.....

It games really well at 1080p, and I love the GTX970 FTW+ that I picked up on ebay.

This turned out to be an appetiser though.

Part Reviews


Really great processor, absolute stalwart of this system. I'm aiming to prove the heavyweight nature of this mid rage processor in my next build.

CPU Cooler

Does a great job. It can get loud though. CPU temperatures never exceed 65C even during a heat wave and in a tight box. Godd value for small cases. In ITX builds Orient it parallel to your ram, so it can blow cleanly out each side and isn't constricted.


Really nice little bit of kit. 3 Fan headers, Wifi on board, compact, and you can customise the Bios splash screen really easily. Not the prettiest, but then it's cheap too. Heartily recommend.


Eh, it's ram, decent spec but these prices!!! Nothing special here. (now replaced with 16Gb Kingston Hyper X... which is also RAM...)


A very reasonable entry level NVME drive. Not gonna lie, I just got it because NVME seems a neat tech and needs supporting at consumer level. It seems just like any other SSD at user level.


4 years old and still spinning. Salvaged from a laptop, it's only here because I have no-where else to put it.


Seven years old and still spinning! Given it 5 stars because it benchmarks top 10th percentile somehow.....

Video Card

Absolutely love this card. Bough used on ebay, it came with it's plastic protective film still attached. It Boosts to over 1600Mhz of it's own accord, works hard, and looks great at 1080p. Whilst these are around, no one should buy a 1050Ti. It also got me addicted to EVGA cards with backplates....


I really don't want to be too hard on this... but it's going.

This case is not suitable for a stealthy gaming PC in a HTPC box. The GPU bay cooling is simply inadequate. The 970 hits 80C unless you crank the fan profiles, and I've put a 1080ti in there and... yeah, no. The top of the case above the gpu gets uncomfortably hot to touch. I also didn't use a blower style GPU, which Fractal design strongly hint at. Again, my fault for expecting more than this case can deliver.

So, used as intended, this is a great, slick case with nice build quality and a style that sits happily in the living room. Just don't exceed it's design criteria.

Case Fan

A really great 140mm fan that fits to 120mm fan mounting points. It's slim too. Everyone should have one. I used this to control GPU bay temperatures and it did it's best - but the airflow management in the GPU bay of a Node 202 is just not there.

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  • 18 months ago
  • 2 points

this is cool. nice and simple compact!

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Sooo, why do you have both turbo and ftw+ on those photos if you went with ghe latter?

  • 21 months ago
  • 1 point

Because to begin with I had both (happy ebay accident). I was going to test them to see if I could live with the noise of the Asus Turbo or if my (preferred) EVGA ran at acceptable temps.

As it happened the decision was made for me because the Turbo had no output from HDMI so I returned it.