So far I am pretty happy with this build. I got exactly what I needed for a really great price. (I bought everything for 616$). The whole thing came together really quickly. Though I was sweating the whole time while doing it. I like the whole thing in the end, it will look really great on my desk when I get back to my own house (I'm staying at my grandmas for the summer). Though I will say that the cable management was a pretty bad, Though my CPU temps are idling 30-35 so maybe it didn't matter too much. Right now I am having some trouble with downloading drivers. I took an SSD from an old laptop and it has a bunch of software like battery saving and fan control stuff which are useless for this one. I can't seem to download the drivers without it failing at some point. Though internet here is pretty abysmal (download speeds top at 200 kbps, and idle at 20). Will post updates when I have all that figured out.

Part Reviews


Great skylake CPU, haven't put it to the test yet, I am excited to see what it can do.


Does everything fine, but the IO plate was very fragile, (but that might just be my cheapo case) and it does not have HD Audio built in, be warned.


Kinda slow but perfect for storing the rest of my steam library

Video Card

Having troubles with the drivers, but I am a newb so thats my fault. Whisper silent though. But it is a little on the large side. I also got this for a 170 with a 20 dollar rebate. Real sweet deal


Great for the price, and the outside looks great, not to flashy, and has USB 3.0. But it is a little small and hard to maneuver in. And the IO plate was very difficult to snap in. Also only has two hard drive mount points. and I have 3 hard drives i need to put in sooo... Still its hard to not consider when making a budget computer.

Power Supply

Hasn't exploded 10/10

Wireless Network Adapter

Was a little iffy at first but is working fine now. It is also somewhat plug n play. Haven't needed to install the drivers for it and it connects fine. A little odd but works for me.


Nice crisp view, comes with cables and speakers (nothing special). Also quite large, a lot bigger than I expected though thats definitely not a bad thing. Great for the price


Keyboard is kind of mushy, and the keys are hard to see sometimes even with the back lighting. The mouse is fine but is kind of uncomfortable in the hand. Despite all that it is a really great price, and the mem-chanicle switches are pretty alright.

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