I named it Gigan because my friend's computer is named Godzilla. Since he's the one who made me want to build my own I figured why not another giant monster.

A lot of my made component purchases were from Amazon Warehouse! They all worked perfectly. The Mobo didn't come with SATA cables when they said it would but luckily I had some laying around.

I bought 4x4gb memory because of the price!

I actually bought the wrong fans and I didn't know until yesterday. These only shine white. I'll eventually turn them off and get an LED strip.

I'm really happy with my cable management since this is my first build. I'm definitely going to spend a bit more for a fully modular psu next time, cause it was tough to fit all of those cables in the case. That's why some of it is placed under the hard drives lol. Doesn't restrict airflow.

Whole thing runs quietly.

No real color scheme here.

Since I'm going to be using a Scuf controller to play TitanFall, I figured the mouse and keyboard could wait and my wireless ones will be fine. No I didn't pick these just to play TitanFall. Been planning this since Summer 2013.

Thanks for checking him out!

Part Reviews


Best bang for your buck at the time. I am only able to overclock to 4.3ghz sadly. I guess I just got a bad luck of the draw. (4.5ghz is the average) At 4.3ghz I get the same single thread speed as a stock 4790k. No problems, I recommend!

CPU Cooler

Incredibly easy to install. Keeps my CPU incredibly cool no matter what I throw at it.

Thermal Compound

No problems whatsoever. Will be using again.


Nice looking board. No problems, posted the first try. Running strong.


Works perfectly, looks great.


Computer starts and is ready to do anything in 15 seconds. How do people live without SSDs?

Video Card

Great Amazon Warehouse deal at the time. Shame the 970 came out so soon after. Other than that, it plays anything I want with great fps. Love it.


beautiful case, looks like a mini fridge. Great cable management and easy to install parts in.

Power Supply

Awesome power supply, easy to use. Only way it'd be better is if it were fully modular. I have a few cables I don't use that just take up space at the front-bottom of my case.

Optical Drive

Installed windows. 10/10

Operating System

Great of course.

Sound Card

Sound quality is great. Not as great as my AudioQuest Dragonfly though. So I rarely use this card. Still 5/5.

Case Fan

Quiet and pretty.

Case Fan

Quiet, used on h100i radiator. 10/10


Love this monitor. Wish there was better contrast, but with 1ms response time I can't complain.


It's alright. Literally only use 1 of the 239482394 buttons on it. Also too big for my hand. Get's uncomfortable for me though.

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  • 75 months ago
  • 4 points

Thumbs up for wicked kaiju name.

  • 75 months ago
  • 3 points

The fans actually add a nice touch. I would leave them alone :)

  • 75 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice looking, clean build, albeit at a huge budget +1

  • 75 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks! Without those Amazon Warehouse deals and me deciding to go with a 4670k instead of 4770k, it was pushing 2.5k :)

  • 75 months ago
  • 2 points

+1 for great cable management.

  • 75 months ago
  • -2 points

I would get a better PSU so as it doesnt blow your system. A branded one such as Corsair.

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 75 months ago
  • 2 points


  • 75 months ago
  • 0 points


  • 75 months ago
  • 2 points

I hope you know that PC Power & Cooling is one of the top power supplies you can get. It's up there with Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, etc.

  • 75 months ago
  • 0 points

I am well aware however as a rule of thumb the PSU is where I would only go for the very best. My mate had a PC Power and cooling and it blew out after 6 months. The PSU is the heart of any gaming machine and i would tend to go for only the VERY best because if your PSU fails and surges a component then game over.

  • 71 months ago
  • 1 point

Some people get dead seasonic PSUs. It happens, even with the best brands.

[comment deleted by staff]