UPDATE: Photos Uploaded. Decided to put my trusty R9 290 in the system. I will have to find a new home for my RX 460.

UPDATE: I am converting this system to ITX based on the Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI and installed into the Rosewill Neutron. It will also have a new RX 460 installed. Pictures to follow.

UPDATE: A10-7890k now installed. Disappointed with the overclock. Can't get more than a stable 4.3GHz out of the chip. Also installed a Corsair H80i v2 as I was quite impressed with it in my other system (Farpoint).

UPDATE: Ordered an A10-7890K to upgrade this machine. Going to see what we can get out of it.

UPDATE: the A10-7850K is a real monster. I now have it running stable at 4.6GHz. Really happy with it.

I originally was going to stick with 8GB of memory and just the APU but even with the decent performance I was getting for playing the games that I play (World of Warcraft, Pinball Arcade, Guild Wars 2) I wanted to put the settings up to max on them to enjoy them fully. So I decided to double my memory (though it didn't need it) and throw in an XFX R9 280.

CPU: At the time this was the best AMD A10 on the market though the 7870k released about a month after I purchased this one. In which case I would have stuck with the 7850k as the price difference doesn't justify the small increase in performance (especially when similar performance can be achieved by overclocking this apu).

CPU COOLER: While this isn't a whole lot more effective than say a Cooler Master Hyper 212 I went for the H60 as it makes the interior of the build much less crowded.

MOTHERBOARD: Decided to go with this board instead of the ROG Crossblade Ranger as it has almost all the same features minus 2 SATA ports and slightly less fancy audio capabilities (speakers are hooked up though USB anyways). With this decision I made the choice to try and stick to a gold/black scheme but that really only amounted to memory and motherboard matching. It was too hard to source a proper video card that was gold and black.

MEMORY: Chose these mainly because they were yellow and black. I actually didn't realize they had yellow flashing LEDs on them and I really like that feature. The memory performs well at 2133MHz however when overclocking with the APU's GPU not being used the system is very unstable at that memory speed. I ended up switching the memory to defaults (1600MHz) and letting ASUS' software work with that instead which has returned a much more stable and faster overclock.

STORAGE: I originally had a Kingston 240GB SSD but its performance was severely lacking and it crashed my system a lot. When I bought these other upgrade the Samsung SSD was on sale so I picked it up. Been happy ever since. I get a 6 second boot up time with this drive. The WD 1TB is where I store all my media and games.

VIDEO CARD: I chose this card because I liked the look of it. I tried to find an good gold or yellow card and there are a couple but extremely hard to actually find in stock anywhere. Performance is good. Saw an easy 30fps increase over the games I play though I don't have the actual details to put here at the moment.

CASE: Was going to use a Bitfenix Neos Window gold/black case for this but I ended up using it for another build as it showed up a month late. Chose this Corsair case because it was cheap and still has all the functionality I desire. Only gripe I have is cable management. It is so tight on the back panel (not nearly as bad at the Neos) that it was hard to close. I will be changing this case in the future but for now it will do.

POWER SUPPLY: Overkill for this build I know but it was given to me by a friend that had swapped the psu out of his system. Works great and is nice and quiet.

OPTICAL DRIVE: I know most people are doing away with these nowadays but I just can't let go I guess. It's not the LG listed but a Pioneer one that my friend provided.

OPERATING SYSTEM: Purchased 8.1 Retail non-pro. Worked great. Now upgraded to Windows 10 with fresh install as well as upgraded to Pro. Runs fantastic.

So when it comes down to it I wasn't building this machine with a real budget in mind. If I had I would have changed many things. I would have bought an 860K cpu rather than the APU but that was not originally part of the plan. It has turned in to a really decent gaming pc that can handle most things pretty well.

Part Reviews


A good APU but sadly mine is not much of an overclocker. I can only get a stable 4.3GHz overclock.


Great board for the money. The lack of a third pwm fan header and a second USB 2 header hurt this board a bit but overall it's great.


Does it's job. Nothing special about the drive really.

Video Card

The R9 290 needs a huge cooler and this card does not disappoint. With a 1000MHz clock it stays at a relatively cool 65 to 70 degrees C.


This case has a lot going for it but questionable drive cage design leaves me scratching my head. SSD's are not easy to install. Lots of room for a 240 or 280 mm liquid AIO.

Power Supply

Nothing special. Does the job. Which is what one expects from a power supply.

Case Fan

Great fans that move a lot of air. Not PWM so they are 2000 RPM all the time. They are a tad loud in the case that I have them mounted in but in another case I have the red versions of these installed they aren't too loud.

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  • 58 months ago
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How well does that watercooler perform? Would you recommend it? Been looking for watercooler on the cheaper side.

  • 58 months ago
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I would say it works pretty well. I'm running 36 deg idle and 61 all out doing prime95 (and thats without spinning the fans all the way up). That's in a relatively warm room of the house (furthest room from the window A/C). I think it probably performs better under load but I think say a Cooler Master Hyper 212 would do a better job at idle (but that's not really when you need it). That said if you are looking for something that keeps the insides of your system clutter free I'd go for this one.

  • 58 months ago
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  • 58 months ago
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I also should mention that the H60 can be a really tight squeeze against the memory in the system. That is something you may want to be careful of as well. In my case I had to really force my cpu block as far left as it would go to keep the piping from contacting the memory.

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  • 58 months ago
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It looks even better running but it's hard to capture the flashing LEDs on the memory. Also I have a blue LED fan installed right now that doesn't fit the theme so when I have that replaces I'll post more pics.