I was recently commissioned to build a high-powered PC to be able to process a livestream from his Xbox. For this we chose the i7-8700 CPU for the sheer processing power of its 6 cores and 12 threads. We are using the specialized streaming card from Elgato, the HD60 Pro, for effective encoding of the video stream. This will allow the client to do his thing on the Xbox and be sure the stream is coming through clear! A gold-rated power supply and wifi-enabled RGB lit motherboard add to stability and flexibility of the platform.

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6 core, 12 thread, boost up to 4.6GHz. Honestly, other than the wow factor or just going for the highest clock you can I can't imagine why I would recommend the 8700k. This CPU will crunch through any mainstream task and laugh while it does it.

CPU Cooler

Install was straightforward and not terribly difficult. Instructions, while small, were easy to understand. Fan is very quiet even when under load. Prime Blend took load temps to mid 60s on all 6 cores, so OK performance, and great for the price.


Second time I've built a client PC with this motherboard. Easy install, straightforward. BIOS is fine, if a bit difficult to get around. Only gripe I have on this one is the SSD I chose wasn't NVMe, and the fancy M.2 mount at the top with the heatsink only accepts NVMe. It had to be installed in the lower mount due to being a SATA M.2.


Solid RAM, running at 2666 in the H370.


Great speed, boots to desktop in something like 10 seconds.


This case was OK. I would say overall it's a great bargain case, but better can be had for a little more. Two LED fans in the front is nice, but no exhaust fan is a head scratcher. It was OK for this build with just a CPU, but add in a GPU for some real heat and another fan would be essential. This was chosen for unrestricted airflow in the front and a 5.25 bay which are a bit rare at this point. Build process was OK, but the overall feel was rather cheap. The Fractal cases I've used before had a much nicer experience, more solid.

I had to install the expansion card in a lower PCIe x1 slot due to the case partly blocking the HDMI cord to plug in. That was annoying.

Power Supply

I was not as 'wowed' by this as I was hoping to be. All-black cables and modular were nice, but the actual cabling was very stiff and resistant to being manipulated. In the end it limited my cable management because I did not want to stress the components with these cables resisting the bend. Otherwise solid PSU, and I like the Eco option for being able to turn the fan off.

Optical Drive

It's a disk drive. It has a black front for a bit more sleekness. It makes more noise than I'd like to hear.


Install was easy, looks great. Software installed and ran without hiccup. The build is for a client so I didn't get a chance to try it out, but seems straightforward.

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  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

where's the video kart

  • 16 months ago
  • 3 points

Since the client won't be gaming on this computer the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 should be enough. All he really needs is to run a display to set up OBS and maybe read his live chat.

  • 16 months ago
  • 2 points

User did not request one. They are using integrated graphics for now, though the power supply could handle up to a 1080ti in the future.

  • 16 months ago
  • 1 point

Honestly, I would have bumped up the RAM to 16gbs. Its a bit personal but maybe a ryzen ?