I built the liquid Phanteks Evolv Shift in August 2018 after my NCase M1 fell through. Number one, it is a beautiful aluminum and tempered class case that can really showcase your parts. My main attraction to it was the fact that while being 22L in size it didn't take much desk space and that it could house dual AIO coolers.

The RAM, storage, GPU, motherboard, CPU, and PSU were from a previous build so basically I was just transferring my parts into a new case. The first problem I ran into was that the 24 pin cable for the SF600 was way too short and I had to buy a braided cable extension cable which really made cable management a pain. Secondly while this case is marketed as dual AIO cooler capable the EVGA CLC 120 and GTX 1080 Ti radiators simply did not fit together and I had resort to using a 120mm slim 15mm Noctua fan on the CPU radiator to make it fit. Secondly fitting the hybrid card was a big pain since it kept coming into conflict with the PSU cables. After many hours of bending the cables to their max and adjusting the GPU I got it to fit. The frame is painted black and scratches very easily. The GPU bracket when adjusted leaves pretty unsightly marks on the frame. The tempered glass side panels also have a painted black frame on it but one of my panels came with a scratch on the paint which tilted me beyond belief. Also while the aluminum panels were very thick and premium feeling, the from panel had a pretty jagged cut on it making it look cheap.

So hands down I have probably have gotten the best reaction from this case aesthetically since it's aluminum, tempered glass, and had RGB which is like the PCMasterRace trifecta, but hands down this was one of the worse performing cases ever. The case was built to move heat upwards like a chimney and had terrible airflow. Even with dual AIO coolers the temps were sub par in my opinion. The GTX 1080 SC2 Hybrid which normally easily is sub 60 degrees while gaming in most cases was 65-70 degrees and the CPU at stock speeds was in the 70's.

This was a brief build but a true testament of somethings are more about beauty over bronze.

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seeing your apple sticker on the front of your PC makes me think of that scene from Full Metal Jacket where the officer yells at Joker for wearing a peace symbol and having "born to kill" written on his helmet.

  • 12 months ago
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Yeah meant to be ironic and show that PCs can be just as aesthetically pleasing as Macs and be super powerful at a fraction of the price. I put the same sticker on my Cerberus build

For years I was a Mac guy but with Windows 10 and realizing that gaming wise a PC IMO is better than a console I switched to building SFF PC building.

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  • 8 months ago
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Great build. I'm inspired by that mini itx case. I have a ryzen 2700 and a evga 1080 hybrid on my shelf. Looking forward to build in that Phanteks case.