Hello there, welcome to this build! I built this computer as a replacement for a 7-8 year old PC that they had been using at the office. This PC is pretty basic. Perfect for book-keeping, schedules, etc. Not much to say. Everything came together smoothly and booted up well. I kinda pinch myself for doing this, because when I installed the OS, I accidentally put it on the HDD, not the SSD, which is why this build has one. I spent the next 3 hours trying to migrate it over, and I eventually did! I will definitely make sure to double check before I click and waste 3 hours next time! Also, I know the PSU is overkill, as it probably uses only close to like 120W, but it was the smallest fully-modular PSU I could find, and as this was my first time building a Micro-Atx, I was a little skeptical. Nevertheless, it turned out great. I haven't been able to check any temps, as I built this at the end of winter break and had to go back home for school, but next time I'm there, I will make sure to get some stress-test stats! Cheers!

Part Reviews


Nice little CPU. Stock cooler has just enough power. Would prefer the G4560, but this is cheaper. I bout this for around $40 at the time.


Basic motherboard. Has everything you need. Only downside is that it only has 3 fan pins, including the CPU fan.


Basic RAM at a basic speed. Not much else.


Killer value SSD. Good for budget builds like this one! Boots windows in around 10 seconds!


Basic storage. Pretty much a must-have for any PC. Not extremely fast like an SSD, but not slow either.


Great little case to build in! Only trouble I had was putting the SSD in the mounts above the drive cages. If everything else is already installed, this is an absolute pain to get in. Otherwise, great looks and build experience. Cheap too!

Power Supply

I know this is known to sometimes catch fire, but this PC doesn't come close to stressing this PSU out, so, it should be fine. Cables are nice and black.


  • 24 months ago
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When you're building something this low powered, it's hard not to have an "overkill" power supply. I wouldn't worry about it. Anyways, it will last a lot longer now since it'll never be pulling anything close to it's max wattage.

Nice build! I'm sure your family is blown away with how snappy it is compared to their old one.

  • 24 months ago
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Yeah, pretty much everything is overkill lol! Longevity was also why I chose that amount of wattage. I didn't have much time to see what they thought before I left, but I'm sure they're enjoying it!

  • 21 months ago
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Nice, it's nice to see a day to day build, not to many basic day to day PCs on this site (non-gaming) :)

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thanks man!