I still want to get a Samsung 970 Pro 1Tb in this, but it is up and working. The motherboard, video card, RAM, and processor are new. All other pieces are from previous build.

This computer lives in my living room hooked up to a LG 4K 60 inch TV and when I am not using a headset, has a 300 watt sound bar with 2.1 sound.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Still no leaks. I did replace the stock fans on this, but still runs like a charm after 4 years of hard use.

Thermal Compound

So far so good, and loved the wipes this came with. Fastest way to remove the previous thermal paste I have found.


Only thing better than the drive, is the software. I have been running this in RAIPD mode since I got it without any issues.

Video Card

This card has overheating issues, and I am planing to replace it. The problem appears to be that the onboard RAM has no heat sink, and even with a fan pointed right at the card it tends to over heat in case with 8 total fans.


Still loving after years. People love this case, the handles work, but I am knocking 1 star because you can only see through 1/2 the side panel.

Case Fan

BUY THESE!!! I have 8 of them in my Corsair Vengeance C70 ATX Mid Tower and they keep everything nice and cool + are quite at full RPM.


This is the first wireless gaming keyboard I have had. I love the combo of mechanical switches, lag free interface, and cordless freedom. Also does not hurt that after 3 months, the original batteries are still going strong.


Holds a charge for week a time, love that I can run it with or without side buttons, love the ascetics, and it fits well in my hand. Also I use a claw grip on a mouse, and this works great for it.

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